Tutorial 2_2

New ballistic envolvent applications

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 12, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


Two instruments based on ballistic envelope. Instruments in itself are some trivial : OSC->FILT but the modulation sources come from newly developed parabola equations modelling envelopes. Instrument 2_2 incroporates random rebound angle.
Tested with macbook pro core duo with 16 voices. If your CPU is older, please lower voice count and/or sample and control rates.
Enjoy !!


Marek Wagner
14 years ago
hello I like reaktor and his users mark
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
15 years ago
thanks for your comments. What is going on here is quite simple: the classical schema of multi-waveform oscillator passed trough a resonating filter. But where you would usually find an ADSR (or two) here you have a different approach with the ballistic envolvents: that is, an envolvent that works with the same equations that you would use to describe the trajectory of a bounced ball : a parabola. When the "ball" touches ground it bounces with adjustable elasticity and angle randomness. There are two of these ballistic envelopes: one controls oscillators pitch or PWM and the second one controls freq and Q for the filter. XY displays show: the big one the waveform of the modulated audio (the audio in itself) and two small in below show the trajectories of the ballistic envolvents. I celebrate you enjoyed it !! :)
Donovan Stringer
15 years ago
I have no idea what is going on here, but these instruments are extremely interesting and make very cool sounds.
Ryan Dean
15 years ago
Man, that video on your site is so sick. It's like the beach boys on a massive dose of acid. Thanx Ignasi