Dziban TV

Alien Artifact #5

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3.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
January 19, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


[updated to fix the crashing which used to occur when switching from B-view to A-view]

An algorithmic droner, with beatnik commentary and video accompaniment.

Two main algorithmic components - a cellular automaton that modulates the drone and the talking bits, and a predator-prey type of dynamical system which drives the percussion/beat.

I also use the ANDB module to cut the sound up a bit.

The controls of the algorithmic parts are found on the B-view.


chris scott
7 years ago
Awesome ! I can't believe that no one has commented on it in the last two years. The only thing I have to do now is take control of this masterwork before it takes control of me......
ian cook
9 years ago
awesome work, this is big fun to operate, thanks
Alexander Spechtenhauser
10 years ago
fine fine work man!
Sven Kretzschmar
11 years ago
I hope the Alien´s is peacefull :-)) Thank You. Krete..
shawn gilbert
11 years ago
I liked this With the bugs!Thanks for this amuzing/fun(ctional) work.I like the droner to...I revisited it this weekend.
James Clark
11 years ago
OK, the problem should be fixed now. There is a bug with the snap module.
Neal Johnson
11 years ago
sounds great but still crashes on my mac when switching from B to A!
James Clark
11 years ago
Hi, I got rid of the crashing. Turned out to be the snap array module. I was using a signal from it to clear out the delay lines when changing snaps, and this caused a problem. So, no delay line clearing, thus watch your ears when changing channels!
David Bowes
11 years ago
Nice to get some chaos on the law and order channel. I got the crash straight away and had to reboot,so i won't be going back into the b-side again.A bug fix would be nice(i can't vote for half a synth).
Donovan Stringer
11 years ago
This is incredible.
Peter Dines
11 years ago
Even with the crash this is awesome.
Donovan Stringer
11 years ago
Can't wait to check this out!
Bert Weilers
11 years ago
same crashing here but still a crazy good thing !!