How to build oscilator

Tutorial on how to create sine oscillator with low level core modules

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
April 01, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
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The tutorial goes over the theory behind building a sine oscilator.


Bálint Baráth
7 years ago
Thanks so much.
Robert Ripp
8 years ago
lets go home
William Pont
12 years ago
Thanks. I would like to say however, that if this essay is to be a tutorial, I would like to see some Core level constructs and perhaps a schematic with it as well. Some people are more visually inclined.
13 years ago
That you very much for making this tutorial!
Jonathan Style
13 years ago
Yes, the tutorial is there. Thank you, I will make a comment after I have read it and tried it out.
Kostadin Alargov
13 years ago
OK guys, here it is the tutorial with the documentation. I will apreciate it if you give me some feed back, if you were able to understand it fine or if you have aby questions.
Kostadin Alargov
13 years ago
I am working on it. I might have to get Adobe in order to avoid this in the future, but text documents are not cutting it.
Jonathan Style
13 years ago
I am very interested to see the tutorial as well, it a very nice sine wave.
13 years ago
Kostadin please add a *.pdf
Kostadin Alargov
13 years ago
I know about the documentation problem, there is supposed to be three pages of discussion on the implementation.However for whatever reason it does not appear in the forlder with the ens. after i upload it. I am working on the problem.
Luca Capozzi
13 years ago
The core macro for the Tylor expansion is very good and educative to me... but I can't find the attached documentation mentioned in it. Cheers, Luca