Medusa V2

Modular synth/sampler/FX

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1.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
May 05, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is my second attempt to create a modular dream synth, sampler and FX. It´s build around best macros found on user library (see credits) with many modifications and some of my own designs. I´ve tried to make it as easy as possible to program. I know GUI could be better, it won´t fit onto the screen. Check out also view B. Anyway GUI design isn´t really my thing. Warning! This ensemble is REALLY a CPU hog.
a) reduce sample rate
b) reduce number of voices
c) run it as a VST plugin (I got 5-10 % reduction of CPU consumption
d) delete parts you don´t need
e) buy a new computer :)


-mod matrix (33 sources, 159 destinations)
- vector, snapshot morpher
- 5 oscillators. 16 modes
- 2 multimode filters. 25 modes
- 5 multi-breakpoint envelopes
- 5 LFOs (+ 4 effect LFOs that can be used as "normal" LFOs as well)
- 3 sequencers
- 3 control sequencers
- Arp
- joypad
- ring modulator
- effects: distortion, diffuser delay/chorus/reverb, phaser/flanger, space master deluxe reverb, grain cloud delay, limiter

Credits (yep, this is a long list, thanks!):

- Green Matrix Globals (Erik Wiegand)
- Marx Microtune (Ernest Meyer)
- Drawable/wavetable osc is based on Wavosc 2.2 (Jim Hurley), Manga III (Paul Woodroffe), r´ector (John Bleech) and my own designs
- Numalik II 7 saws osc (Pierre-Andre Soulier)
- Proton 5 Juno and TB303 filter macros (Stephan V)
- Acid Bee V 1.0 filter macro (Jonathan Style and Phil Durrant)
- Carbon 2 V300 1 LP, SCV1 LP/HP/BP filter macros (Mike Daliot)
- Marx 3.1 comb filter macros
- Numalik II filter drive and Numalik III filter drive pos macros
- Green Matrix filter ser/par macro
- multi-breakpoint envelopes (Erik Wiegand)
- LFOs are based on Green Matrix, ANS 343 X (Michael Koch), Proton 5, Vectrix TS 1.3 (Eric Wistrand), Wavosc 2.2 and my own designs
- slipperpain S/H (Sandy Small)
- sequencers are based on Obvious 4, Obvious 103, Monsterloop v 1.1 (Martin Brinkmann), Waveweaver (Uwe G. Hoenig), purpurea 0.1 b v 1.1 (Gabriel Mulzer) and my own designs
- Koyaanisqatsi V 2.0 arp (Chris List)
- ideas for mod matrix came from Slipperpain
- Sync 3 ver 2.1 Ring modulator (Eric Wistrand)
- Vectrix TS 1.3 vector mixer
- Etylogen joypad v 1.0 (Pierre-Andre Soulier)
- snapshot morpher (Erik Wiegand)
- Marx distortion
-diffusor delay/chorus/reverb is based on Ultimate reverb v 1.2 (Guenther Fleischmann), diffuser chorus and delay (Erik Wiegand) and my own designs
- Herw Greyhound phaser/flanger v 1.0 (Herwig Krass)
- Grain Cloud Delay is based on Graidelverb v 1.0 (Rick Scott) and my own designs
- samplex 002 v 0.1 limiter (Sel Oscillate)


Szentpétery Csaba
4 years ago
Big, nice, interested! Big cpu hungry although my comp is an i7-2600k! Very big possibilities and mod matrix. l like the random button! 9/10
Jürgen Heimüller
12 years ago
I think that's one of the reasons why this library exists: take pieces of somebody else's work and recombine it to something new. Sounds very interesting, though it eats up my entire macbook...
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
I tried without osc´s 3&4 and it reduced about 10%. Overall, your ens. is hugely complex and it has many internal depencies and its difficult to just cut one piece without nearly damaging it. Snapshot may go nuts. Reminds "Marx" a bit. I wouldnt worry user interface things with thing like this. Mostly "new interfaces" work well if theres a concept that cannot be comprehended/operated without that UI. Mielenkiintoista, onko täällä muita suomalaisia?
Jukka Kääriäinen
12 years ago
Thanks for your kind comments. I´ll try to do something about CPU consuption although I´m not experienced builder. Maybe 3 oscs and stacked macros as Jonathan suggested.
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
Very quickly checked: sounds VERY good. CPU consumption is too bad. Please, could we have Lite version of this?
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
i agree with Jonathan, I really don't think you need more than 3 Oscillators. but i would like to thank you for this upload as it is an excellent example of using macros from different sources and creating your own ensemble with them. this is well worth studying if (like me) you value a 'lego' approach to Reaktor building :-)
David Waldman
12 years ago
Holy crap. Keep honing has the potential to be a gem.
Paul Harding
12 years ago
jukka this is a beautiful piece of work many thanks for sharing ,and also to all the other amazing designers whose work is represented here.
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
sure I have one I will post it to the Forum in a few.
Jukka Kääriäinen
12 years ago
Edit.I found explanation about a stacked macro. It´s in user manual. Anyway, an example ensemble would clarify it.
Jukka Kääriäinen
12 years ago
Thanks for comments and tips Jonathan. This may be a stupid question but could you explain what a stacked macro means or better yet point me to some examples (ensembles)?
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
Also a nice GUI is not a requirement. In my mind the only requirement is a sincere effort on the part of the builder to have a good instrument.
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
one of these days I will learn how to TyPe. I meant 6 slots for the matrix per page in the stacked macro.
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
That is a big ensemble I don't know how you got all that stuff in there. I am not critizing the instrument but I have a few suggestions. I think that 3OSC would be enough, look at the complex sounds that Massive can do with only 3OSC. Use Stacked Macros for the OSC's and some of other modifiers (like lfos and filters?)or even perhaps the matrix 6 sloat per page. More work I know but I think it would drop the CPU (66% for me)and help in reducing the actual screen size of the instrument. Cheers and thanks for sharing.