Hammond B3 organ with Leslie, reverb, lots of snapshots

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2.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
August 13, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


*** V2 changes: Hammy now includes the too-b 3X-oversampled overdrive circuit designed by Robin Davies. Also, the scanner circuit has been improved and the scanner panel has been simplified. Several additional snapshots show off the too-b circuit.

This is a model of a B3 Hammond organ, and includes drawbars, foldback, harmonic percussion, key click, and an 8-stage scanner.

The ensemble includes Tim Schwerdtfeger’s excellent Leslie speaker cabinet and the Space Master 2 reverb. I had made my own Leslie, but I thought Tim’s sounded much better than mine, so I included his in the upload.

I realize there are good Hammond-style organs already in the library, such as Gary Hess’s Organic, but I nevertheless wanted to try building one from scratch. So to add value to this instrument, I did two things. First, the drawbars are calibrated in 3dB steps, just like a real Hammond. So if you have a registration you like, such as 86 8000 005, you can just match the drawbars in the ensemble to the numbers in the registration. Second, the snapshots include the complete sets of Standard and Theatrical Hammond presets supplied with the original instruments, both Great and Swell, along with two complete sets of presets designed by Paul Schnellbecher for church and recital work.


Daniel Hogan
5 years ago
Nice. Thanks.
Carl Spitzenberger
6 years ago
GREAT !!!!! Thank You Very Much
8 years ago
Thanks, I know where to go for organs now.
Michael Novak
9 years ago
Great sound and preset city - excellent. FYI for tweaking, the percussion doesn't go through the scanner vibrato chorus on real Hammonds.
Terone Bullock
10 years ago
This sounds Very good !!!!
Richard Lyall
11 years ago
This is a belter! Thanks.
Jörg Schnitzer
12 years ago
Excellent sound. Your ensemble ends my search for a B3-style organ! Thx1
Patrick Vido
12 years ago
Brilliant! Now I don't have to buy B4 ;-)
Steven Wartofsky
12 years ago
This really represents a deep study of the fundamentals of what makes this kind of organ sound; it is quite beautiful and musical.
David Steiner
13 years ago
best hammy sound i've found yet.
Evan Schiller
13 years ago
Del Burrough
13 years ago
Really nice warm sound. Makes me feel good when I play it! Well done and more please!
Der Einmeier
13 years ago
Nice one, pretty useful, lovely sound, thanks for this contribution!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
nice one-the basic design sounds great and the snaps are a nice tutorial. i ran it through a little dirty tube action and ditched the reverb (using the sonitus reverb in sonar instead) and with those two small changes it can really snort.
13 years ago
Yes indeed a lovely sounding organ.... I am a big fan of the space master 2 and now use it more than any other (and far more expensive) reverbs.....
Maarten Versteegh
13 years ago
Great sounding organ! Thank you for sharing this.
James Duffett-Smith
13 years ago
Very impressive. It takes a lot of CPU though - I've got it at 66.7% - the only other ensemble that gets to that level is FM4 dual. That's the price you pay for fidelity though I guess, and it really does sound a treat. Thanks for this, I'm sure it will dome in useful. J
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
this is a great uploadwith a lot og hard work involved. thanks for sharing this!
Boris Holzherr
13 years ago
fantastic sound! perfect! this is the best sounding organ in the whole library... please do more like this;-)
Michal Kuba
13 years ago
Fantastic sound! Beautifull. Thank you.
Mark Bonnington
13 years ago
See that... it's so nice that I posted twice!
Mark Bonnington
13 years ago
This is one of the nicest sounding Reaktor organs that I've heard.