Medusa V2 1.2

Modular synth/sampler/FX

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3.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
May 09, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


This update is a little bit lighter on CPU consumption (altough still CPU hungry ens.). I left v 1.0 still in the user library if someone wants more options. I think one purpose of this ensemble is to offer a flexible environment with lots of controls and modulation options and ability to program complex patches as easy as possible (GUI layout etc.). There´s lots of excellent ensembles in the user library when less flexibility is needed. However I´m still open to suggestions how to improve this ensemble (e.g. CPU consumption). I think one reason to high CPU consumption is that the ensemble has lots of event/audio tables.

What´s new:

- 3 oscs instead of 5
- 3 multi-breakpoint envs instead of 5
- stacked macros (taken from Carbon 2)for envelopes/LFOs/Seqs (use load buttons at the bottom right corner to select env/LFO/seq you want to edit). I´d like to use stacked macros for modulation matrix and effects but due to limitations of input and output terminals (max 40) it wasn´t possible (well it wasn´t first time I had to face it with this ensemble).
- less modulation matrix slots to reduce size of ens and CPU consumption
- some GUI rearrangement
- sequencer leg-buttons were missing, now fixed
- new Vector mixer. Now it´s possible to record and save with snaps your manual tweaks (taken from Joypad)

Credits: (see v 1.0)


What´s new in V2 v 1.2 3.01:

This is a small update which reduces CPU consumption. As I wrote before Space Master Deluxe reverb and Diffusor chorus/delay/reverb increases CPU consumption considerably.
- Diffusor and Phaser LFO´s wavetables were removed to save CPU
- New limiter (taken from Don Dailey´s Rosco v 2.0)

There is one credits error (see v 1.0): Vector mixer is based on Hume v 5.1 morphing oscs (Ernest Meyer)


ernest meyer
3 years ago
Thank you for credit. I will add it to Yofiel.
Sam Mover
5 years ago
Jukka Kääriäinen
13 years ago
New update V2 1.2 v 3.1 uploaded.
Mark Mcdonald
13 years ago
Yes the last one was hard on CPU. But still could keep it going under minenmal circumstances. Hopefully this is better. You are doing good work.
Jukka Kääriäinen
13 years ago
I´ve done some testing to reduce CPU consumption. When I deleted effect LFO´s wavetables I got 37 % reduction (intial snap). Other LFOs gave about 2 % each when wavetables were deleted. Other snaps gave me about 8 % reduction (33075 Khz)when effect wavetables were removed. Space Master Deluxe reverb increases CPU consumption about 11 % and Diffusor delay/chorus/reverb about 12 % (33075 Khz). I´ve got do some more testing...
David Waldman
13 years ago
CPU still too huge...even at the lowest resolution setting.
Jukka Kääriäinen
13 years ago
Sorry for that. Only one snapshot used those samples. They were not included to keep download size resonable. I uploaded a new file where those samples are replaced by normal oscillator waveforms.
David Waldman
13 years ago
When I launch this, it asks for several samples. Where are these?