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1.3 (Updated 12 years ago)
March 02, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


Here is update for Vitaverb2. I must admit the sound has changed a bit. So, if you are using v1.0 in your production I would suggest to keep it. Also, for those who would like to use Vitaverb2 as a part of your instruments I included LE version. It has a limited functionality (3 cntr, only), but sound wise it is the same.

1.David Griesinger
2.Martijn Zwartjes
Not like I used ideas from SpaseMaster, but I have definitely learned something from it.


What's new:
v1.3 19 May 2008
1.Small changes in Modulation Section

v1.1 18 May 2008

1.Added basic presets
2.Modulation Section is revised
3.Damping Section is revised
4.Position of Decay (former Size) and Release (former Decay) controller is swapped. Now, all three (Attack-Decay-Release) are in the same order as they are on synth ENV.
5.Compensation of output level is added. Now, when you change Attack, the apparent level will stay the same.

1.Improved sound (try room-like spaces)
2.New GUI
3.Test signals
4.Lots of minor improvements in the algorithm

Be careful with Mid Dmp knob. The red aria is where Vitaverb can self-oscillate (done purposely for creating ambient noises).


Big Ban
5 years ago
This reverb is really amazing, just what I was looking for! It's so easy to use and achieve the desired effect, where other plugins (Waves RVerb and Guitar Rig's Reflektor verbs) feel a lot less intuitive and make it hard to make the reverb sound the way you want.
Jeremy Eusebio
9 years ago
this is really unique and special...really pushes back the sound...will be fantastic for particular sections and parts...thanks!
Stephen Gallagher
11 years ago
Great great great! Many thanks.
mathias marschall
12 years ago
best litle verb
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
Vitaly Zolotarev
12 years ago
Thank you guys!
Frank Dr. Schwidetzky
12 years ago
James Ulph
12 years ago
Only tried quickly but this sounds superb. Thanks
Christopher Soulos
12 years ago
Excellent. I tried it I like it Great work
Tom Cunliffe
12 years ago
this is a REALLY useful reverb - perfect balance of versatility, musicality and quality - excellent work!
Václav Pajkrt
12 years ago
SUPERSOUND! I like it!
Don Dailey
12 years ago
wow! I really liked the original Vitaverb, but this is so much better sounding. Thanks!
Kim Joris Boström
12 years ago
Excellent sound and GUI! Though it's a pity that there are no presets for the lazy ones like me...
Christopher Soulos
12 years ago
Can't wait to try it Cheers