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50 Snaps for Rubiter Ate Poly Synth

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2.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
December 21, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is my first contribution to the Reaktor user library. It's a bank of 50 Snaps for the super duper Rubiter Ate Poly Synth. by Michael Synder. These snaps are inspired by my absolute favourite band "Boards of Canada" from Scotland. So all you IDM Heads (and of course all others) ...i hope you like it...! Comments are appreciated...

Merry christmas and a happy new year...!

To be continued...

Update 05/08 : Added the ensemble, killed the "one finger chords", edits one several patches.


Patrick Mattingly
3 years ago
Has nothing to do with BOC other than the names of the patches.
eugene park
8 years ago
what do the patches with "run seq" mean?
David Diogo
11 years ago
Best snapshot i mean the best!! Long live BOC. Tremendous job Stefan
Neil Pollard
12 years ago
Very cool sounds, thank you! - This makes R.A.P. just about my favourite Reaktor instrument right now. Weedwacker is the other classic for me but seems to have lost something as the Reaktor versions have progressed? Thanks again.
Robert Solheim
12 years ago
????I can´t beleive this, it says that I am Michael Snyder and I am Robert Solheim..?? Paranoia:-D
Robert Solheim
12 years ago
Hi Stefan. I saw you request on the Rubiter Ate site. I haven´t got any plans on updating it, but if anyone would like to take on that work, they are welcome. By the way, due to some strange error it says that it´s made by Michael Snyder...? Even though Michael is my best friend he did not make that synth:-D. Looking foward to try out those snaps.
Stefan Knauthe
12 years ago
Hi Kevin, you just need to update Reaktor to 5.1.2 ,then it will work. Cheers, S.
Kevin Goldsmith
12 years ago
When I try to load these snaps, I get a message from Reaktor, "this was made by a newer version" and then it crashes.
Stefan Knauthe
12 years ago
Hello, thank you all for your friendly comments. This was good motivation to give it another shot. Check out my Weedwacker snaps...and thanks again...!
Erik Ingmanndsen
12 years ago
Hallo Stefan, Thanks so much for the additional snaps! I havn't tried them yet, but I'm sure their awesome like the rest. Rubiter Ate Poly Synth, is amongst one of my Top favorite user ensembles!! Cheers!! : ) !ERIK!
Der Einmeier
12 years ago
awesome snaps, thanks a lot, very inspiring!
James Duffett-Smith
12 years ago
I'll also proudly say that I love BoC as well so am looking forward to these. Thanks and Merry Christmas! J
12 years ago
thanks for great snaps Ich weiß wie viel Zeit man dazu braucht. Sie zeigen sehr schön die Möglichkeiten dieses synth auf. ciao herw
Don Dailey
12 years ago
Thanks for making these. Great snapos for a great synth. I have a bank gor this going. You reminded me of it. I'll have to uploadit, but now I have to come up with a few more snaps ;-)
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
I found the Rubiter Ate to be a very inspiring ensemble (also a fan of BOC, AND had a J8). I look forward to hearing these, thanks for the early Christmas ;-)
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
they are also one of my favourite bands. and yes these snaps are very atmospheric and filmic. thanks for sharing!