Fourious 2000 1.5

Additive Synthesis, too late for the millenium

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
June 15, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


I have taken the liberty of making a few tweaks to Paul Woodroffe's outstanding additive synth--he deserves all the credit here.

I have made the following changes--

-Fixed a bug in poly mode whereby two notes--the current one and the previous one--would sound with each keypress.
-Set all the controls to useful default values for initialization purposes.
-Hacked in a control to detune the overtones, based on the one in Sum Synth.
-Applied the detune control (in the master section) to poly mode in addition to unison mode.
-Added a more traditional waveform display (although I kept the trippy pseudo-3D display as well).
-Changed several presets as I saw fit due to some of my modifications.


John Duesenberry
7 years ago
Very nice inharmonic additive spectra! But: seems to hang up reakto 5 a lot, and also seems to overwrite waveform graphics on its own GUI... oh well, it's over 10 yrs old.. THANKS
Peter Antonioni
10 years ago
Love this. It has a unique and very useable sound!
Evan Friedel
11 years ago
nice work!!! I love it.. [e]
Jason Filipchuk
11 years ago
first one to comment on since getting into this. lovely. just lovely. reminds me of some old old toys i used to know.
Sandy Small
11 years ago
Go for it, the 'guts' in this are extremely clever (and relatively simple). I'd been working on my own additive synth for a few days till it occurred to me I was just plagiarizing all of Paul's ideas, so I decided it was a better use of my time to fix its couple of bugs instead.
Tom Cunliffe
11 years ago
holy shit - this synth is AWESOME! exactly the kind of sounds I like! gonna rip it open this evening and play with its guts....
JPaul Morton
11 years ago
Yeah, where IS Paul Woodroffe these days? He made some absolutely stellar synths.
Paul Compton
11 years ago
I used the original for some very cool sounds I programmed that ended up on my last album -- thx for the update!
11 years ago
Nice work, besides the freaky GUI, I've always had a soft spot for this weird synth.