A subtractive synthesizer featuring extensive modulation and wave shaping capabilities

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3.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
November 29, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


-Oscillator 1 has a wave shaping control and can crossfade between waveforms.
-Oscillator 2 has hard sync and FM.
-2 multimode filters which can be routed flexibly.
-4 envelope generators, 3 of which can be looped for rhythmic effects and custom LFO shapes.
-18 slot modulation matrix.
-Stereo effects including pre- and post-filter distortion, chorus, delay, and a few more unique ones.
-10 note polyphony with per-voice oscillator, envelope, and filter detuning.

New in version 3.1:
-Added the option to reset most bipolar knobs (e.g. pitch controls, etc.) by clicking on their labels.
-Nicer-sounding comb filters which now come in two flavors to match the others’ slopes—notch and peak.
-Modified the filters' 4-pole mode slightly.
-Fixed a handful of bugs having to do with the sub osc.
-Retooled the oscillator drift function.
-Fixed a minor bug in Osc 1 where the square wave would sometimes drift a little out of phase with the other waveforms.


11 years ago
thanks - nice synth
Richard Figone
11 years ago
suggestion for sequencer... knobs could be replaced for a table, for faster sequencing capability.... it's just with that many knobs it starts to get tedious... actually could be swapped out for the qatsi arpeggiator in Koyaanisqatsi
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
i love this. i have a suggestion Re: Loopable envelopes. if the Decay and Attack could be modulated, that would really be exciting in terms of rhythmic effects. anyway, definitely in my top 10 synth uploads in the UL
jace cavacini
11 years ago
flexible enough to get some good variations with random and morph...
Donovan Stringer
11 years ago
Excellent synth design, cheers!
Joachim Schneider
11 years ago
very nice upload! simple, good sounding and no cpu hog! great!
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
Beautiful Sounds, would sound great in a Tango and other World music vibe
11 years ago
This is a very fine instrument with an elegant choice of features.
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
sync works for me although i think it would be nicer to be able to change the pitch of the Osc by more than + 24. btw, this is a great upload! i love the looping envelopes. thanks for sharing this with us :-)
David Waldman
11 years ago
Nice. Sync doesn't seem to work, though. Consider wavetables as oscillator sources?
11 years ago
"Rael" interesting musical possibilities here. So refreshing to see an ensemble that has got "it." What a happy alternative to the "grand parade of (often) lifeless" plugins that rely more on "packaging" than substance. ;-)