Creating Rhythmic Patterns

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2.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
August 07, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


This Synth is really difficult to explain for me. Again its something to create Patterns, and again I have invested some time making the GUI, and trying some new things.

I am aware of the fact that this machine uses a lot of CPU and is not an easy to use synth. Nevertheless I wanted to create something which works like that without taking care for CPU-usage.

Best way to get comfortable with this machine is trying the presets. Especially the ones marked with a star (*).
Then just try different Faders or press some of the Pads (they are under the oscillator window, and one Pad is the SYNTHOID-Nametag itself).
Don't forget to press PLAY.

OSC 1 -> Lowpass (CUT)
OSC 2 -> Lowpass (CUT)
-> Resonator
-> Filter
-> Delay
-> Chorus
-> Reverb


Each Oscillator can modulate the other (FM).
SyncPls-Clocks with different speed (B) are triggering the Envelopes, which can be formed by Attack and Release (A) (R). The Triggerimpulse can be delayed (DEL).

If (P) is turned off, the Pitch of an Oscillator is determined by the keyboard. Osc 2 has a second Oscillator in form of a Sampler. (WAV) turns it on. By pressing a keyboard note the normal OSC 2 is turned off and the Sampler can be heard.
The snapshots with a (k) in the name are especially for the use with keyboard.

I hope you have fun with this machine.

Thanks to Peter Dines for the automated faders, which are the heart of this instrument (they were overworked by Jonathan Style). The map for the Sampler is taken from Paradip by Ben Suthers. A very good Wavetable! The Idea for the Pads were taken from discussions in the User forum "Making it different". Its my first attempt going in that direction mentioned there. But I realized after finishing it, that Synthoid is still a very conventional synth.

I have uploaded a demo MP3. It's not something special. I've used ableton Live 7 and 6 Instances of Synthoid continiously playing (CPU was 65%). I just turned Volume on or off in the main Mixer. Very simple. It just took 5 minutes to create this track. With a little bit more of effort one can create a full track with Synthoid I think.


Fletcher Jarvis
3 weeks ago
Yeah, also no sound for me as well KK M32 plugged in. Any help appreciated!
John Doe
2 years ago
Absolute beauty of an instrument. So inspiring and engrossing. Fantastic work!
David Coffin
3 years ago
durini stefano
6 years ago
Oliver Saherwala
11 years ago
Hello Aymeric, hello Daan the only thing I can think of is that you maybe forgot to press PLAY. Synthoid wil not produce any Sound without that. Do you have Moving Sliders on your screen ? Otherwise please check the On/Off-Button ! (Do you hear a sound while doing that ?)
Daan Hendriks
11 years ago
I would also like to know how to get a sound out of it...
11 years ago
hi I try to use Synthoid but i never succeeded in having any sound!! why? Thanks for somebody answering me! Louspatte
sebastian gimm
11 years ago
Nice! I caught myself jamming right away...
11 years ago
very nice thanks.
Stephane Lefrancois
11 years ago
I had to stop my sesison with this synth to come on here and let you know how great this little beast is...I'm not sure what you mean when you say it's a "conventional" synth, i've been hearing all kind of "unconventional" sounds coming out of it in the past few hours! thx so much for such a fun and soulful upload!
Joshua Rochowiak
11 years ago
once again this amazing, thank you for all your work.
Dustin Ransom
12 years ago
Thanks a ton for sharing this with us. One of my favorites in the UL.
Neville Edwards
12 years ago
beautiful - I just sat and listened for 30 mins
Christopher Soulos
12 years ago
Sounds so good
12 years ago
wohaa, really nice sounding synth, i love it. tankz & sun t
randy adams
12 years ago
Randy Adams Thanks so much Oliver . I have been getting great results with this . It is a great instrument to discover with .
Simon Stockhausen
12 years ago
I've been using this a lot recently and just wanted to thank you Oliver for this great ensemble. It produces absolutely unique sounds and sequences once you get to tame it. Sometimes nasty clicks occur but with the right tweaking you can get rid of them, sometimes only a declicker will help, but it's worth the extra work. 10 points from my side.
Simon Stockhausen
12 years ago
Fantastic piece of work, Oliver - 10/10
12 years ago
Very good machine.. thanx alot - I hope i'll (maybe we) can understand how it was made=)
Andrew Capon
12 years ago
This is very good.
erick medina
12 years ago
nice!! this will come in handy.
12 years ago
I like it. Gute Mischung Oliver.
Maximilian Schäfer
12 years ago
Fantastic ensemble with impressive care for details - I love the on/off-bleep!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
12 years ago
Thank you very much for this. This may be one of the most unique sounding and beautiful new instruments for Reaktor I've heard so far this year. The GUI is a real treat, even if it is a bit confusing (or maybe because it's a bit confusing). Easily a 10/10.
Oliver Saherwala
12 years ago
I made a mistake while uploading the new version. Its 1.3 not 2.0. I don't know how to change that. I made some more snapshots and wrote more Infotextes. Know you should have enough Information to use this synth. Again thanks for the nice comments.
Mark Harris
12 years ago
fantastic! best fun A++++
Ned Bouhalassa
12 years ago
Really, really great Oliver. Fascinating, inspiring and fun. 11/10. Thanks for sharing with us!!!
Oliver Saherwala
12 years ago
Thanks to all for your kind comments. I made some more snapshots in Ver 1.2. If someone has interesting snapshots please send them to me for integrating them in the instrument. (
Mark Mcdonald
12 years ago
Thanks don't go commercial to soon!!
Paul Harding
12 years ago
really really good thank you oliver genius ensemble.
Der Einmeier
12 years ago
very nice, reminds me on my kalamak-ensemble but for sure this one HAS a usability. kalamak doesn't have. but seems to be a bit more versatile and experimental. nevertheless, this one deserves a high rating, it's really well-done and keeps some interesting things in! thanks once again, it's really entertaining playin' around with it.
Don Dailey
12 years ago
Really great work. I can't wait to spend a weekend alone with this. The interface is very cool. I love things like the "bouncing" faders and the momentary buttons at the bottom. This goes into the :favorites" folder for sure!
Nils Quak
12 years ago
Again another great Instrument from you... thanks for sharing
Sebastian szary
12 years ago
12 years ago
This is a wonderful and well crafted ensemble made in a fine Reaktor tradition of mysterious noise and bleeps automates! I love it!
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
this is a great upload and quite unique i have to say. the "tuning" part is really special. wonderful stuff :-)
Lars Daviesson
12 years ago
I love this thing. Thanks for the upload!
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
Oliver, This such a gem of an upload. Thanks. I dont that I did much with the XY's from dines I remember making some adjustments but I know what they are any longer I don't think it was much.
David Waldman
12 years ago
Very cryptic interface...I like that in an ENS. :->