Granular sampler with lots of modulation possibilities

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1.2 (Updated 9 years ago)
October 04, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


The basic idea is a ReSynth-module, with all parameters modulated by my favourite modulation souces: MultiBP-Envelopes (which i surprisingly didn't found in any .ens file, i've found yet), LFOs and the Modulation Sequencer from Blue Matrix (which i fixed by the way...).
The Sequencer is placed on Panel B.

So play around and tell me, what you think or ask any questions!

Have fun!


Ukpong Anderson
6 years ago
....this is timeless..thanks a lot ...this will catapulted my sound library from a cryogenic state, when i can workout the mapping and playback.....ive got a lot of bass riffs to deconstruct...this is improving my playing already...AWESOME. I look forward to you future release....much thanks again. :P
Juan Fort
11 years ago
Tom Cunliffe
12 years ago
oooooh.... interesting. I've been trying to do something like this for a while... looks like you've done most of the work for me!