Mono 16+1


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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
October 03, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Another sequencer made from Monoliner and Drum 16, with some additional features


gergely suto
12 years ago
1.1 small but important fix: the tapper's tempo indicator was not precise
gergely suto
12 years ago
Oh god. I hate when the system does this
gergely suto
12 years ago
Does it need explanations? The three event tables correspond to the three rows of knobs of Monoliner. The slider in front of each, to the knob at the end of each row in Monoliner. The top left (sync, list) and step, offset and shuffle also comes from there. All the bottom left part is from Drum16, it allows longer sequences combining 6 different "sets" of event tables. You can use the man/seq button to toggle between the two modes. The truth is, for manual mode, the buttons are hidden, so you need to go into the structure to use the MIDI learn function on them. BPM/Tap switches between those two modes. Assign buttons to the tap control to have a full use of it. The bugs: -Midi note 50 triggers tap start/stop; Midi note 52 triggers tap reset, dont know why -It would be convenient to be able to store the tapped tempo value in snapshots. This implies further snap modules and event initialisation kung-fu, and I am not so good at it. -In general, saving snapshots could work better.. for me, ideal would be: one snapshot: all six event table sets, with one, specified, on top. Right now, it works somewhere "in between", with some interferences with the flow and write buttons.