Son of Thing

atmospheric evolving paaad

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Rick Scott
1.8 (Updated 12 years ago)
November 01, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


a kindler gentler variation of The Thing (which i uploaded almost 7 years ago!), SoT uses am, pwm, and randomation to create lush evolving paaads suitable for scifi, horror, and other grotesqua.

1. pick template.
2. randoMize!
3. play.

enjoy. :-)


Tom Parsons
10 months ago
very nice
Max Krieger
9 years ago
So awesome, THANK YOU!
Denis Mujakovic
12 years ago
magnificent. john carpenter would have a blast.
John Leach
12 years ago
This is really nice. Thanks a lot for releasing it!
Michael Coelho
12 years ago
Very cool, interesting evolving pads. I love watching the knobs dance.
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
Actually got into some great 'Steve Roach' territory (by accident!), loving it Mr. Rick :)
Rick Scott
12 years ago
1. thanks. :-) 2. yes!
Don Dailey
12 years ago
the horror ... the ... horror! Actually, keep hitting Randomize and every four or five hits something quite beautiful emerges. Save it, becuse one it later and it's gone and things get ugly! :0
12 years ago
Saturday and a new rick scott creation...NICE!