Funky color keyboard

Simple resizeable keyboard macro with adjustable colors etc

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
November 09, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a macro from the metamusic II series for putting a funky color keyboard in your own designs. The macro attaches to a single multidisplay module. It draws a playable keyboard for you.

Settings are fully dynamic. The color of the natural and sharp/flat key background is completely adjustable. Ther are separate polyphonic pitch/gate inputs for lighting up the keys in red, green, or blue shades.

There are external inputs to set whether the orientation is horizontal or vertical; the aspect ratio of the keys; contrast of active note key color depending on velocity; the number of keys to display, and the low note.

There are four examples in the ensemble showing some basic layouts, as well as a simple control panel. To add to an instrument, you can set it the way you want and make the controls invisible, or substitute your own constants.

Its designed so it can display notes from multiple instruments simultaneously in different colors. For that, different instruments can attach to the red, green and blue P/G inputs.


Dietrich Pank
11 years ago
very handy, thank you!
ernest meyer
12 years ago
I can't update this ensemble, since I purchased Komplete I can't access some older remaining contributions to the userlib. The newer ones are on my Website. For contact and updates, please visit
espen staver
14 years ago
Cool! One can make spaced out buchla style keyboards with this:-)
Jonathan Style
14 years ago
Thank you this is very nice.
Dieter Zobel
14 years ago
much thanks for this
Georg Fries
14 years ago
Now that is a good idea. Thank you!