Ugly brown distorted VA synth

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
December 24, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


I kept this one pretty simple (in the 2 oscs, filter, and a couple of envelopes tradition) as my aim was to focus on establishing a 'character,' although I threw in a few oddball features such as a resonant HPF and LPF in series and variable envelope curves. I think it sounds nice in an ugly, ill-mannered sort of a way.


Dieter Zobel
10 years ago
looks small, sounds great, simple to use, no gimmics. super. much thanks
Jonathan Style
10 years ago
Nice little synth, interesting modification to the triangle oscillator.
Phil Durrant
10 years ago
i like the smallness and i love the synth. this is a good synth to study if you want to look at structures and learn a bit more about Reaktor. a Classic 2 Osc Reaktor Synth made using quite a lot of Core programming, thanks for sharing :-)
Stefan Knauthe
10 years ago
That's a really nice synth, but why so small...? Because of your name...? A larger GUI with all three envelopes accessible would be great...
Ernest Meyer
10 years ago
Very attractive, thank you :)
Georg Fries
10 years ago
I take this as a christmas-gift :). Nice sounds you get out of it, and besides all the great difficult ensembles a simpler but great sounding one - a very good idea! Thank you very much, and a good 2009 to you.