Risset Modulator

Risset Tones / Shepard Tones / Barberpole Effect

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Jan Gabler
1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
December 26, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


Inspired by the works of Jean-Claude Risset, I decided to build a machine to generate endless rising or falling sounds using a number of sine oscillators, band pass filters or ring modulators to process sounds through external input.

This plugin can be used as synth or effect. The number of polyphonic voices defines the number of risset tones.

Enjoy the eternal ride through spectrum and look forward to version 2 which is coming up soon, including MIDI control, LFOs, envelopes, ...


James LaRue
5 years ago
Just what I was looking for and I love the color choices.
Simon D Klapper
11 years ago
This one is great! Thank you!
Ben Morrow
11 years ago
Endless fun here. I was gonna try to make something like this but yours is 100 times better. TYVM!
benoit chabert d'hieres
12 years ago
Sur une voie, c'est la Tuerie !!! °-))
JPaul Morton
12 years ago
I like drums through it
Al Watson
12 years ago
astonishgly good - especially with pads going through it. 9/10. would be even better if the LFO was midi clockable........ :-)
Adam Hanley
12 years ago
This is fantastic. I have to thank you not only for a great ensemble, but also for introducing me to Risset/Shepard Tones. I love auditory illusions.
Ryan Dean
12 years ago
Very clean and useful. Thank you
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
This is much more interesting when a signal is feed to it rather then just using the sine wave. Really interesting I will look forward to the update.
Shai Levy
12 years ago
of course! :)
Jan Gabler
12 years ago
To hear the BP filters working, you have to feed audio into it, of course. Use the player box and an audio file or run the plugin as vst fx in your host sequencer and send audio to it.
Shai Levy
12 years ago
is it me or only the sine oscilator is audible ? besides -- sounds great. i am looking forward for ver.2!