for big ears,

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January 04, 2009
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gesundes noise jahr fuer alle reaktorkranken


Adam McCrorie
2 years ago
Hey, Dieter's work is amazing and truly inspiring. I am trying to get in contact with him to try and find out if he knows if there is a hardware version similar to one of his ensembles, called Sinebeatsplus: Can anyone please help with this? Maybe somebody alresdy knows about a similar physical synth? My email is Thank you in Advance!
Richard Bull
12 years ago
Dope. Off the hook randomness. I can hear the ghost in the machine!
Phil Arno
13 years ago
Great work indeed !
Chris R Gibson
13 years ago
Truly another 'gift' from the 'gifted' :) I ran a 'trio' of these with automated 'randomization' and felt the spirit of 'Meccano' manifest with each new imaginary construction presented. Bravo. Inspired creativity in (ensemble maker) = inspired creativity out (application of ensemble in personal explorations)
randy adams
13 years ago
Very cool sequencer . Really like the PhilterShifter
Gerald List
13 years ago
Wonderful, klasse, super, jaaaaaaaaaaaaa Some snaps can even challenge Metaphysical Function. Jetzt wirds wirklich eng auf meinem persönlichen Treppchen. Ich muss einfach wissen, was da passiert. Ganz großes Tennis ! Thanks for sharing !
Volker Nowak
13 years ago
Thanx for Creating this little Beast. I like it.
Tim Tesar
13 years ago
I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing!
Mark Mcdonald
13 years ago
A fine beasty! Thx!!
David Waldman
13 years ago
Delicious. Yummy. Brrrrp. 'Scuse me.
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
vers. 4 sounds better, some bugs fixed. thanks for your patience.
Don Dailey
13 years ago
It's like a soundtrack from a David Lynch movie!
Stefan Knauthe
13 years ago
Sehr gelungen, vielen Dank Dieter...!
Kimmo Kivelä
13 years ago
Industrial grunge grey. My favorite color.
Jonathan Style
13 years ago
Wow thankyou very much.
13 years ago
eigentlich mag ich ja diese selbst spielenden Ensembles nicht, aber klanglich ist das eine Wucht: 10 points
Rick Scott
13 years ago
ach du gruene neun!