GrandNagus RM - wilder version 2!

GrandNagus remix

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Rick Scott
2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
January 20, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


rather wild remix of zee wunderbar GrandNagus. v2 gets nasty.

added randomation, panning, equaalization, autorandomization.

select a snapshot, randomize. or autorandomize. listen to the sounds evolve.

enjoy. :-)


Kimmo Kivelä
13 years ago
Soundtrack for Glitchy and Patchy.
Rick Scott
13 years ago
got feral.
Rick Scott
13 years ago
1. ja! 2. by respectful i mean: nonintrusive. 3. !!!!!!!!
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
and now a glass snail juice for the strength of the old men
Benjamin Eigner
13 years ago
I wonder if it could sound possibly any better if yoda turned to the dark side? Also, is there something like disrespectful remixing? ;-)
Don Dailey
13 years ago
Yodas' brain function recorded as Reaktor snaps!