Hammond Novachord

An attempt at a Hammond Novachord emulation

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2.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
February 23, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


So this is an attempt at a Novachord emulation. It is in the test area, as it does not (yet?) sound like a Hammond Novachord. Though it does have 72 voice polyphony. It's a bit CPU heavy right now as well. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone feels like taking a stab at it themselves and modifying the tracks I have laid out, feel free.


-Jenkins Jenkins

So I adjusted the frequencies of the resonant filters, and a few other things, and I think it's starting to sound much closer to the real thing. So I moved the synth from the test area to the synth area. I will continue to update this as I make improvements, hopefully on CPU! Of course, any suggestions are appreciated!


Eamonn McLoughlin
6 years ago
Wow, this is pretty good. But as you said, it's kind of CPU intensive. I've got 28% on a 16GB i7 quadcore PC. Keep up the good work.
chris scott
8 years ago
If you suffer occasional "processor overload" in reaktor ? May I suggest you download; "Hammond Novachord (Low CPU Version) v1.0" instead.
eric moon
9 years ago
can you post the reduced CPU version?
Sandy Small
11 years ago
This is a very cool project. I've been tinkering with it the past few days to mitigate some of the CPU consumption; I've swapped the sine oscillator for a parabol, and I've made a single instance of the oscillator and envelope generator polyphonic and used a distributer followed by voice combiners to assign ranges of voices to one of the six monophonic channels (per your design) via midi note #. Voice assignment isn't quite as authentic as your design, but it sounds almost identical and it cuts CPU consumption by more than half.
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
Jenkins Jenkins
11 years ago
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
can't download the file. the file seems to end with ..zip, where it should only be .zip