little sicko

aggressive FM synth

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2.3 (Updated 10 years ago)
February 23, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a little aggresive FM Synthesizer with 3 osc parts.

1x sync
2x FM
2x Main

Makes a lot of aggressive sounds, which i like. ;P

Theres a FM modulated stereo feedback delay, a ring modulator and a little eq in it.

update v1.2
- added ringmod to fm osc
- added delay to envelop, now DADSR
- added on/off to both ringmods
- added 3 presets
- tweaked all presets to new wiring

changelog v2.0
- added saturizer
- added sequenced wooble filter, called Mrs. Woop :D (much lurve here!!!)
- tuned and wooped some pattern and added 3 new


chris scott
8 years ago
I've tried around 5000 different vsti, little sicko 2 is the punk rock synth I have been waiting for. Thanks.
Dylan Sterling
8 years ago
what is up with the low votes on everything? Are people just complete dicks or is the rating system bugged or what?
Bob Kershaw
9 years ago
Some strange sounds here. Might use some for effect. Tks.
Marko Wunderlich
11 years ago
and the freaking update feature is fixed, all back to normal.
Marko Wunderlich
11 years ago
UPDATE V2.0... :D
Marko Wunderlich
11 years ago
check for the update, the link is in the description text.
spencer b
11 years ago
some great sounds coming from this. thanks for sharing :-) good video demo too.
Joakim Raatikainen
11 years ago
Unusual sounding. I like it a lot. Good work man.