Jazzyspoon GHOSTER

yet another noise making abomination...

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
April 04, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


This one is either not busy enough or too busy, I'm on the fence. Honestly, I use it more dry and with much larger samples, but added small files for upload-ability and added delay and reverb to it for style (I especially like the warble effect on the delay)
Hope someone finds a use for this or takes it to another level.
I make no claims for creating anything in the core of this ensemble, as it is mostly an abomination of others hard work here in the library. I only am responsible for the gui layout, some light construction, and the concept.


jason pottorff
8 years ago
Hi Ian, hope you get some use out of it(them).
Ian Lambert
8 years ago
Sup Jazzyspoon. Brokenbeat here. Gonna try this thing out. ;)
Ramin Sakurai
8 years ago
Inspirational... thanks!
Alex Debicki
9 years ago
I for one am very happy with the complete pack! Very good ensembles. Thanks.
jason pottorff
9 years ago
yeah, I just noticed that after downloading it myself. I think if you use the same prefix on an ensemble (in this case "jazzyspoon") it automatically throws them in the same folder when you upload it. Thats one way around the mb upload limit. Well, I both love and hate that consequence, but if anyone wants a small reaktor collection by me -this would be a good place to download it.
rick scott
9 years ago
four for the price of one! ;-) (not sure if you realize it, but the zip file contains: songfreezer, madness, ghoster, and chopsokkit.) wild work jazzy! thanks for sharing. :-)
jason pottorff
9 years ago
p.s. it's best at slow tempos, imo.