Simple Guitar Synthesizer

Simple Guitar Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
April 06, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


I was inspired by a Moog Freq Pedal demo. I took my monophonic Fatman synthesizer, and used an external input (guitar) as the sync source for oscillator 2. Oscillator 1 is still on the control panel, but it does nothing. The external input (guitar) forces the sync of Oscillator 2, making it track the pitch of the guitar. Making this work well depends on the settings of the input compressor, noise gate, and a low pass filter used to roll off the treble from the guitar. These elements are common to all guitar synthesizers. I was amazed at how well the whole thing works with minor tweaking. This unit is monophonic. If you could input each string individually, as with a hex pickup, you could create a very workable polyphonic guitar synthesizer in software only. The other thing needed is a good envelope follower.


Nicholas Johnstone
6 years ago
Heya, This is a truly remarkable proof of concept. Is the sync correlation your idea or Moog's? TY so much, I am truly taken by the simplicity of this method.
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
As soon as I change snap, the sound disables and doesn't reappear unless I close out and reboot Reaktor. And then it does it again. Can you fix for us?
Ned Bouhalassa
11 years ago
Excellent - love it! I would love an envelope follower to be added! Easy 10/10.