Concept X V3

Digital Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
April 07, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is the third version of my wavetable-fm synthesizer. I was hardly thinking about if i should upload it, because it's now very close to NI's Massive. But while Massive is more focused on subtractive synthesis, this one has more the character of a fm synthesizer so it's somewhat different.
I've also written a short manual to give you an idea how the very complex modulation routing in this instrument is handled.
Comes with 42 snaps, at the moment i'm far to busy to create more...


Sam Mover
5 years ago
Erik Huhn
9 years ago
Alberto Zin
9 years ago
This synth deserves a total 10! Having more presets would be great. Thanks for sharing this jewel.
Andreas Kleinwächter
10 years ago
this synth ensemble sounds very good. Great job, thanks for making it !
10 years ago
I'm still not overly struck on the GUI, however, I am in love with this synth. Infact, i've given it top marks which is something i've never done before. Also, i've been looking under the hood and it's all done without using core programming....interesting, though I bet if you learnt core, you could get the CPU down even further
Matt Pearce
10 years ago
This is beautiful, thank you!
Event Iter
10 years ago
Great , Thanks !
william blackie
10 years ago
this is a lovely build .thank you although i thought the dials werent working at first the pdf put me right.
Dag Ivarsoy
11 years ago
Andreas Paul
11 years ago
Great Synth!
Michael Stocker
11 years ago
Great Synth. UI takes a while to get used to, but it works great. Great Sound, lot´s of snaps are always welcome.
Andreas Fichtner
11 years ago
just great. thanks.
Scott Johnson
11 years ago
Thanks for sharing, Stephan. I love your creations. =)
William Cooper
11 years ago
This is awesome, thank you so much.
Joshua Rochowiak
11 years ago
thank you very much for this. it is amazing.
Enrico Bruttomesso
11 years ago
to me this baby has *amazing* capabilites, thank you so much!
jace cavacini
11 years ago
i just listened to snap 3 on version 2 and i had to come here and say "WOW!!" THANKS for this ensemble!! Great FM digitalness!!
Trevor Gavilan
11 years ago
Awesome New Version!!!!!!! Thanks a Million!
Aaron Chutz
11 years ago
What is left to say... Concept X has always been a favorite of mine
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
Playing around with some smooth pad sound editing and... this sounds heavenly good. 10.
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
it's a 10!
Ned Bouhalassa
11 years ago
Super cool synth. Really great. Made a big difference when I actually read the PDF to figure out how to use the knobs in Panel B via the mouse. :-)
Canapé rouge production
11 years ago
yeah! concept x v3, it's a good news, Thanks
11 years ago
42 is a great number for snaps, thank you Stephan.
11 years ago
I have been wishing that NI would implement a deeper use of FM in Massive...Thank you for your hard work and generosity!
francois elie
11 years ago
exellent ! and thanks for sharing .
David Waldman
11 years ago
Much prefer version 2.
Jonathan Style
11 years ago
Absolutely outstanding!
Rick Scott
11 years ago
impeccable, as we've come to expect from m. v. :-)
Dieter Zobel
11 years ago
already landed in my favorites folder. much thanks
Joachim Schneider
11 years ago
that's a wonderful sounding synth with a pretty clean gui! great work! 10 points from me! thank you for sharing this!