ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 dysamoria bank 1.ssf

17 new ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 Snapshots by dysamoria

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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 20, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here is a bank of 17 new snapshots for Andy Robins' ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 ensemble.

i figured since the ensemble doesn't come with many, i'd upload some snaps.

i had a hard time finding good things to do with this since this synth is NOT my kind of thing... but... check them out as alternatives to what comes with Andy Robins' ensemble. Some are playable as bass and/or lead, while some are sound-effect-ish...


jace cavacini
4 years ago
Antonio: It seems the ensemble is no longer in the user library.(?) :-(
Antonio Antetomaso
8 years ago
Hi, do you know where to find Andy Robin's ensemble? I searched for it along the user library but without luck... Thx.
12 years ago
tarkus arata
12 years ago
congratulations, i'll try it :)