Snapshot Morph

morphs betweeen snapshots of instruments/ensembles

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1.3 (Updated 3 months ago)
June 16, 2009
Reaktor 6


Put it into an ensemble of your choice and let it mash up your snapshots.
It can be used as kind of sequencing block when snapshots are well chosen.

It is all based on a pulse wave driven counter cycling between 0 and 1

when counter=1 -> morph pos is at position B - snapshot A is changed
when counter=0 morph pos is at position A - snapshot B is changed

Every time the counter reaches 0 or 1 a recall is sent.
When a random mode is chosen the recalls trigger the random modes.
Maybe there are some parameters you would like to set to snap isolate

The easiest way to modify existing ensembles without changing their Gui -> Insert the instrument -> Double click on it -> Delect all the content and cut or copy ( instrument and macro -> Go back to the main ensemble layer -> Paste -> erase the empty instrument (see screenshot)

added set next snapshot function
added random modes
added random morph position
added pause mode -> just morph position is moving but snapshots stay the same
added slow function for even slower movements


added random mode
added bank selector
added start/stop button
added instrument file which works as a wrapper for the macro to maintain the gui of the original ensemble

Any ideas how i could improve this are very welcome


Thomas Lucka
2 months ago
3 months ago
Thanks Gerhard
Gerhard Senz
3 months ago
@Paule - v 1.3 lets you set a value for the next snapshot change. you have to manualy select snapshot a and b in the snapshot panel first (F2). so for example if you want to make something like start from snp 10 -> snp 11 - snp 12 you have to set a to 10 b to 11 manually and set snp" to 12
3 months ago
any ideas how i could improve this are very welcome: Gerhard, in the past it starts always with the first snapshot. Is there a way to start with a desired snap p.e. from 23?
3 months ago
Thanks again Gerhard.
3 months ago
Greg Killmaster
3 months ago
Thank you Gerhard! Sorry for late response but I wasn't notified of you response for some reason. Really appreciate the clarification!
Gerhard Senz
3 months ago
@Greg I am happy it still finds users:) Speed is the LFO Speed of the counter in HZ -> So setting it to 1 results in a very slow movement. Speed is basically controlling the Morph Position. You can see that when you open the Preset Browser. Morph Time on the other hand is the ammount in ms for the controls to move between the new values. So a morph time of 0 ms results the values to go instantly to the new positions from their presets. So when it is at a high value maybe the controls never gonna reach the position stored in the presets. Hope that makes it more clear.
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
I'm kinda using this but can't quite work out what all the controls are. Like how is speed (Spd) different from Morph Time (Mrph Tm)? Clarification on its use would be greatly appreciated! Its SO handy!
13 years ago
Yesterday, I had a lot of fun: insert your macro inside of Tesla Singing Arc v5 with my snapshots, hook in Jonathans Echospace and my MBEQ 1.2 recording audio at once. Thank you very very much! 10 points for Slytherin. I made some addings in your macro: first a bank selector to changed desired bank; second: connecting 'P' to 'sw' to drive switches/buttons in A or B snap, changing constand inside PerC of Selector [negative and zero for 'A' - positive for 'B']. When Wrap mode is selected there are more changes of A and B Switches/buttons. Testing in Pannax 1.2 get a break in the night [clock setting: 1, bpm 140, Wrap mode ON] it was too late to finish all ideas.
Don Dailey
13 years ago
very useful tool