funky fm oscillatorix

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2.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
June 23, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


An experiment in waveform creation. Something I am trying to put in hardware. Basically a 2-op FM/PM with waveform mangling. Try to run it with as high a sampling rate as your system can handle, to minimize aliasing grunge (unless you like that sort of thing).


Jeremie Bougrain
4 years ago
This synth is simply brilliant! Excellent work here, the sound is amazing, and it's a beauty of simplicity. Love it.
James Phillips
5 years ago
I should add my $0.02 here because I have gotten so much use out of this beautiful synth over the last couple of years - it's simply one of the best sounding instruments I own. Wash it in some nice reverb and it's heaven - instant Aphex Twin. I'd love to know if you created the hardware. By the way, if this were updated I would quite happily pay for it as a commercial release. Thank you.
ant stewart
7 years ago
well programmed, interesting fm n great controls
ana raquel
7 years ago
Amazing synth congradulations!
Andris Varavs
7 years ago
amazing oscillator, so many unique sounds can be squeezed out of this. many thanks!
juan luna
8 years ago
this is really awesome. modulating this real time is a delight. thank you.
gregory corsaro
9 years ago
i ve played and got off instantly with an arpegiator on a little keyboard ! thx
gregory corsaro
9 years ago
i ve played and got off instantly with an arpegiated on a little keyboard ! thx
benjamin kilchhofer
9 years ago
this is very very great!!!!!!
Michael Stocker
9 years ago
Cool! Nice big knobs, cool sound, great style.
Ryan Dean
9 years ago
This was badly needed. Makes my modular jealous. You're a damn genius. Thanks so much!
Jeroen Bax
10 years ago
Great sound
Dieter Zobel
10 years ago
David Waldman
10 years ago
Very rich like crumbly fudge yummmmmm
Kimmo Kivelä
10 years ago
Amazingly good buzz. Maybe not for playing but theres a lot. Maybe implement this as component in some synth? Use waveforms or use just as samples.
John Bleech
10 years ago
Vey nice. I think it sounds better at ~22k than 44.1k and I appreciate the visual humor of the 'chaotic fish' snapshot.
Jamie Cresswell
10 years ago
lovely .. thanks
Nico Steckhan
10 years ago
wow this is great.... really this is sounding like hardware...exactly what i needed for some synths in my will you build this hardware ? as dsp what be great..
Joshua Rochowiak
10 years ago
This sound very nice sir, thank you.
Farid Char
10 years ago
Don Dailey
10 years ago
This sounds great. The CPU is massive, but even at 44k it sounds like hardware. great job.
Stefan Knauthe
10 years ago
This is just amazing. Thanks a lot, James!