Korg MS-20


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0.1 (Updated 18 years ago)
April 20, 2000
Reaktor 5 or lower


The best classic synthesizers!Thanks, SolarX!


Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
An instant favourite! Sounds really fat and dirty! I have put this into a modular x ensemble, so it now has a patch panel with cables. I called it "MS-X". Check it out if you like.
Hans-Joachim Ruppert
7 years ago
Gefällt mir
cool breeze
9 years ago
I don't know the original but this is cool.
Michael Fitzsimmons
11 years ago
Nicely done indeed! the presets snaps do leave a lot to be desired, but with a little bit of play, some rather nice sounds can be tweaked forth!
Glenn Kowalski
16 years ago
Very cool. Snapshots are at peak volume--distorting the output. Would like a master volume, but I guess there wasn't one! I wish more here would come up with Korg stuff. Would love to have my old Poly 61 recreated.
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
i sold my ms-20 after i tried this. this is a classic emulation of a hardware device. solarX has really got deep inside. the only thing that lets this down is the snapshots, they are terrible. he recreated the orriginal examples for the ms-20 manual. nuff said. please download this and start on you own sounds. because of the terrible snaps i will give it an 8 when in fact the synth itself deserves 10