Vintage synths

A collection of some classic synths

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
October 30, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


this is a small collection of classic synthesizers.
two monophonic synths (minimoog and SH-101) and two polysynths (jupiter-8 and prophet 5). the polyphonic synths come with 64 presets, the monophonic ones have no presets (like the originals).
The synths are taken from older reaktor libraries with some small changes except of jupiter-8.

i don't know how close they sound to the original ones but in my opinion they sound pretty good and it makes a lot of fun to play with them.

the preset selectors of the polysynths have a small bug: once you open the ensemble, you first have to select a bank in order to get the selectors work.


Mitt Reece
5 years ago
Found another bug (or I'm missing something). In the polysynth ensembles, when I try to save a snapshot below the presets and I want to select them, it will by default switch to a different preset (in Jupiter 8, its snap 56 - Bassdrum) and I can't select the snapshots below separately without it reverting to snapshot 56. Should I just create a new bank and save the sounds there? Other than that, these are really cool synths.
Andreas Sandberg
5 years ago
Top notch!
Simon Robinson
6 years ago
Gropkcor 20/10/12. Very, very good work. The SH101 and Prophet are the only ones I've spent time with, so far - but they are superb! I've tried matching patches from cds (using those synths) and these capture the tones beautifully. THANK YOU.
Jdavyd Williams
7 years ago
Stephan Vögl, you are a God among men. This synths sound incredible. The Jupiter 8 specifically is one of the best non-hardware synths I've ever heard. I'm finding it to be *the* go to for big fat synth basses. They are almost *too* fat, if there is such a thing. I've also ditched Pro-53 in favor of your Prophet 5, and ditched the Arturia minimoog in favor of this one. The extra work that has gone into the GUI is amazing as well. Simply put, if you use reaktor regularly and have not checked out this, or any other of Stephan's contributions to the library, you are missing out. If you only download one make sure it's this!
CC lines of the acid
8 years ago
I like the design and sound, there is little CPU. Useful synths. Thank Stephan for your work. Waiting for new enembles from you!
jason medina
8 years ago
a beefy tweaked Jupiter sound from this collection was the meat of one of the coolest songs I've made recently. Never played a real one but very tough sounding.
Frederik Bertling
8 years ago
Wow, nice work :) Perhaps you can add the Arp of Jupiter 8 in a future version? Thanks!
9 years ago
Wow, some hard work goes into your stuff - thanks very much for sharing
Damian Press
9 years ago
Thanks for your hard work. The Jupiter strings are lush! Cheers!
Matt Hooper
9 years ago
great synths, sound cool. wish the ui was larger but for free i ain't complaining.
Mark Luszniak
9 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to build these. Four great sounding synths! Although the layouts / skins are not authentic, they are clear and well laid out. My only grumble would be that the panels are on the small side. I'd like to see these at least twice the size.
sky 1
9 years ago
Thank you.
Will Powers
9 years ago
Very nice. Thank you for sharing your excellent work!
Przemyslaw Kopczyk
9 years ago
Fantastic !!! Quite a nice sounde and great oldschool UI :)
Paul Penfold
9 years ago
9 years ago
really nice stuff. thank you! good sounding, now i create the classic presets for the moogy thing :)
Miro Pajic
9 years ago
ok, but not great! all sound a bit similar to be honest.
Sebastian Wolf
9 years ago
fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
greg o'grady
9 years ago
Awesome job, as usual. Thanks!
Jason Bundy
9 years ago
Excellent sounding ensembles. However, there is another bug in the Minimoog ensemble. When I go to use the swtiches, the sound jumps an octave or two.
Marc Desmet
9 years ago
great sound Fat and lovely interface Marc Desmet
Greg Bossert
9 years ago
Thomas Schumacher
9 years ago
Thanks a lot, nice sounding and looking. At least what a 41-year-old can decipher - is there a magnifier-option hidden in these GUIs or Reaktor itself?
Phil Durrant
9 years ago
yes, thanks indeed!
Marcin Lezak
9 years ago
Many thanks Stephan V.! I'm always looking for Your any uploads.
josh hinden
9 years ago