g3: mr. pink reMix

mr. pink reMix with panning/drywet

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Rick Scott
2.9 (Updated 12 years ago)
December 04, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


number 3 g'Litcher, this is a tweaked randomizable version of florian erdle's Mr. Pink.

good for extreme modding of audio passages and loops: the env follower causes the mods to sync to loop duration/tempo.

enjoy. :-)


Nicolas Petitfrere
2 years ago
10 years after, still a gem
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
Thanks Rick for getting into it, will give it another shot ;-)
Oxygen 05
12 years ago
Really good for dub sounds and other strange noises ! Thaks a lot, Rick !
Rick Scott
12 years ago
from earlier version comments: "Hey Rick, I am curious. Lately I have noticed that if I open several instantiations of your ensembles that include 'random' functions, all of them go to the same settings with each trigger??? How is it that 'random' is not random, something about how a seed is generated and stored such that three different ensemble instances generate the same 'random' settings??? Open three instances of this ensemble, click 'random all' on each one time, repeat, and watch how they stay in sync with each of their randomization results...I remember a discussion sometime ago I think but don't recall the explanation. Is there a way to set up to not get the same results in each, some way to generate a new array of values that it is reading from?"