eXperiment I

eXperiment I

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Rick Scott
1.4 (Updated 9 years ago)
December 22, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
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eXperiment I
for reaktor 5+

increasingly science believes that THOUGHT (brainwaves) can change physical reality. eXperiment I tests this hypothesis by having you use thought to control the output of two random number generators running in sync.

the closer the generated random numbers are to each other, the slower the beat of the audio output (two sine waves, one in each speaker) and the more static the xy display.

the further apart the numbers are, the faster the beat and more dynamic the display.

your goal: use THOUGHT to sync the values of the two random number generators to produce beatless audio and a fixed xy display. to see what this sounds/looks like, turn on goaL.

1. click sTart.
2. THINK the random gen values into sync.
3. listen to and watch your results.

view A - full, B - display only

use The Force, skywalkers. :-)



Robert Dukes
9 years ago
read "The Seth Material" it works. we are magical souls and we have the power to create our reality trough thoughts cool idea
Rick Scott
9 years ago
don: the idea is to do this *without* using any kind of thought amplification device.
Don Dailey
9 years ago
any ideas where I can find a brainwave A/D converter for Mac?
Rick Scott
9 years ago
the energy/mass of thought is directly proportional to the number of people thinking. if you get a dozen people to THINK the random generator values into sync, your chances of success are higher. :-)