12 LFOs, flexible routing.

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January 15, 2010
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I've always liked synthesizers with flexible routing, especially where modulation sources can be used in combination on a single parameter.

This is my attempt using twelve LFOs which can each be routed to modulate the pitch, filter cutoff and volume of any of three oscillators. Those parameters also have dedicated envelopes.

My original vision was to have the envelopes be freely assignable as well, but my audio/event and math knowledge just isn't where it needs to be to make that happen.

Because of the crazy amounts of mod here it's easy to get extreme sound effects out of this ensemble - definitely try the snap window's 'randomize' button - but with a little tweaking you can also get very playable harmonic patches.

Hope you dig!


Forrest Gore
6 years ago
Hello, is there any way you could make a NOISE Osc Wave as the Modulation Source?
Stefan Knauthe
9 years ago
This deserves a positive comment. I like it and i will use it. Got some really nice snaps. Thanks for sharing...!!!