The Eternal Drone


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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
February 15, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


i was asked to upload some stuff i build/use for my performances, so here you go

panel a and b are different

click initiate after starting
and also after changing the tuning

ps: change number of voices (and click init)
& tell me what you think :)


Felipe de Souza
1 year ago
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
Hope it's not too late to express my eternal gratitude Benjamin. Namaste.
Cezar Cazan
8 years ago
This would be great with midi! Nice instrument
Georg Fries
9 years ago
Highly interesting ensemble! I don't know if I understand it correctly. Midi in would be lovely, and if it would be possible at all - a slow crossfade between randomize-Settings would be awesome, so if you'd click R there would be no abrupt changes. Thanks for this, really useful. Will look what you do with ensembles like this^^
Benjamin Eigner
9 years ago
Decrease the number of voices while looking at the scopes, and you'll get the idea Don..
Benjamin Eigner
9 years ago
Will do! Just have to think a bit about how to realize it... I also thought about adding some optional midi-in and temposync options, so it will be more useful for everyone.
Don Dailey
9 years ago
I think to make this idea really awesome, you have to get past the need to click "initiate" for changes. they need to be linear, either with radomizers or XY mouse controls. Esp. for changing freq, intervals and root. BTW, it sounds really cool running through Fusion Reflections fx.
Don Dailey
9 years ago
interesting synth. thanks. I cannot get anything but a straight line to show in the bottom row of visuals - for both 1 and 2?