SOKOLOV CompuRythm

Experimental Beatbox

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
February 27, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


cpu: easy / screen: notebook
helpful: use the infocurser
status: concept

bongiorno a tutti!

here's a old fashioned pocketsystem for extensive rythmexperiments,
loaded with sounds from the commodore c64.

a gameboy for junkyard-scientists... und morgenlandfahrer!

great inspirations: roland r8, kurzweil k2x
thanks & respect: to all the boys they share amazing things here... =o)

im stille aadenke anen wunderbare mensch: franz schmid t 2009



Vaughn Stegeman
7 months ago
While pretty cool, with some nice presets, it sure could use some documentation.
carl oltre
2 years ago
David Coffin
2 years ago
aMAZing, what else can be said except THANK YOU!!!
Alex Menzies
2 years ago
I love this thing.
Marco Scherer
3 years ago
Awesome machine. No, super awesome machine! THANKS!
Huen Alfee
5 years ago
10! I cannot vote more!ThX
Ant Tatlioglu
6 years ago
great sounding, nice, but i can't get it to sync tight with cubase 6.5 on os x 10.6.8. It seems that the first 1/16 (starting bar 1 from the beginning in cubase) is not played, the pattern starts with 2/16. And then from the second cycle on the rhythm begins always 1/16 earlier than the bars in cubase. Anyone else has this problem? Any ideas why this happens?
Quinn Hanratty
6 years ago
I am tediously setting up a stack in Numerology that will allow me to control all four sequences and a bunch of other parameters on my Korg Nanokontrol. It is taking forever but it will be worth it, because this is a seriously awesome ensemble. thank you!
CC lines of the acid
7 years ago
Trevor Gavilan
7 years ago
Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Fucking Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!
szymon orfin
7 years ago
Incredible machine! It eats most of the "renowned ultimate drum modules" for breakfast.... Is there any documentation for this instrument? There are some aspect quite difficult to understand, at least at first glance... Thanks and good luck!
Alberto Zin
8 years ago
Powerful device! Great fun!
8 years ago
I thought I commented on this long ago, but now I see I didn't. This is really fun!!
Robert Solheim
8 years ago
Dope!! Love it!
Darryll Truchan
8 years ago
Wow! Amazing! Thank You!
benjamin kilchhofer
8 years ago
the best beat box from the user library !! thank you very very much for this.
Stephan Becker
8 years ago
Hi Tom, thank you very much for this fantastic instrument and samples!
Tom Zellweger
8 years ago
hi rik, here you find the sample-modul: Instrument/GEAR/Sampler/SamplerLoop use only mono-samples maybe you have to rewrite the multitext-modules, corresponding to your samples... regards
8 years ago
10 out of 10, how would you load your own drum samples to this baby. As i can't find a sample map?
8 years ago
Lovely and delicious - many thanks indeed
Gregoire Rolland
8 years ago
This is a brilliant drum machine. One of the best ensemble from the User Library.
gregory corsaro
9 years ago
j adore !
Michael Barker
9 years ago
Super excellent -- thanks for sharing.
Nikolaos Galatsopoulos
9 years ago
simply great stuff!!! keep it up!!!! thank you!!!!
Maximilian Schäfer
9 years ago
Very inspiring, great design!
Joshua Rochowiak
9 years ago
10 without a doubt, great work, and thanks for sharing.
Tom Zellweger
9 years ago
christ almigthy!!! what should i say? big thanks for all these good vibes... =o)
Gennaro Giugliano
9 years ago
azz,very well :D many thanks
Simon Stockhausen
9 years ago
Amazing possibilities! 100 out of 10
Torben Hansen
9 years ago
Thanks a lot for sharing this! Very cool stuff!
Ariel Kenan
9 years ago
I'm back again to express my excitement. This is awesome!!! Tom please contribute more of your ensembles to the user library. I know you must have some cool gadgets lying around your hard drive if you're able to program something like this ;)
paul schoenherr
9 years ago
Best beatbox in ages. 10 points
Kev Hopper
9 years ago
Very impressive.
Jason Taylor
9 years ago
Holy Moley - Quiet bloody fantastic! Lots of fun, great design, great sounds
Ariel Kenan
9 years ago
I've been waiting for an ensemble like this forever! Perfect execution!
david brymer
9 years ago
This thing is so freaking cool. I would want to make the sequencer 16 steps...but it would ruin the aesthetics. This deserve a twelve.
jason pottorff
9 years ago
Nice work, Tom. Had so much fun, I posted some snapshots.
Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Pure Genius. Thank you for your creation and share. So well designed and great sounds
Oliver Saherwala
9 years ago
Wow, 10 Points for design and sound. Thx for that!
Jesse Buehler
9 years ago
Dieter Zobel
9 years ago
9 years ago
Vintage computer music at it's best!
Rick Scott
9 years ago
aye carumba! fabulous noise box!! brings me back to my childhood (if i'd spent it playing c64 games while under the influence of multiple hallucinogens)!!!
Kimmo Kivelä
9 years ago
This is 10+.
francois elie
9 years ago
exellent ensemble big thanks !!!
Phil Durrant
9 years ago
fantastic upload!
Bartek Nowacki
9 years ago
Stunning! A truly fresh salad for my breakfast today! 10/10!
Jason Filipchuk
9 years ago
not sure how it does it, but i likes it.
9 years ago
10vote. sounds new,and now,love it, and insperation is always a 10. good work
Steven Wilkinson
9 years ago
Absolutely brilliant.
alessio giorgianni
9 years ago
Ten !! punz..punz wee punz punz wee..