Polaris 2010


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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
April 05, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a facelift of an ensemble I uploaded some years ago. I like the sound of this small and simple instrument, but I didn`t like it's appearance so I decided to spend some time on it.
There are also some changes in the modulation section with more flexible LFOs.
Comes with 25 snaps.


Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Solid. Thanks.
CC lines of the acid
9 years ago
This cool
Bob Kershaw
9 years ago
Love the sound of this. Think each sound is worthy of a name, though, not just Snap No. Great haunting string sounds. Tks.
Andreas Kleinwächter
10 years ago
very nice synth.
Adam Anderson
10 years ago
Pablo Furman
10 years ago
It would be great to have frequency as well as ratio to control carrier and modulator.
caspar topsa
10 years ago
Teddy Rockford
10 years ago
I like it
Jason Bundy
10 years ago
Gennaro Giugliano
10 years ago
Many thanks Stephan
10 years ago
The interface is very nice and FAMILIAR :) However it could have been a little bigger, and you could've done it so that the parameter labels in the modulation section change depending if EG or LFO was selected as a source, instead of writing above and below which can be a bit confusing. Very good work, though!
Christian Meyer
10 years ago
Beautiful synth. Wonderful GUI. I want a hardware version cause it looks so cool!!!. Love snap 6 in particular. Stephan, thank you.
Marcin Lezak
10 years ago
Just amazing Synth and presets. Thank You Stephan V. As always 10 for You!!