Waldorf Blofeld CC editor

blofeld continuous controller editor

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 14, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


This is my first real creation with reaktor.

i got sick of there being no software editor for the blofeld on the mac OS platform..

so i decided to make one, unfortunately Reaktor doesn't allow sysex so i was limited to using CC changes so not all parameters are available but everything that can be controlled by CC's are ....

i've tested in Cubase 4 running standalone Reaktor via the inbuilt OS X IAC bus and it works great..

i also tested in Ableton live 8 but it will only allow you to use the editor in monitor mode, so you cant alter parameters from the editor whilst a clip is playing back only when monitoring .. which is a strange limitation of Ableton.. or of course i could be missing something..

you can, however, run the editor from the VST version of reaktor in Live..

hopefully this is of use to someone :)



Bill Ambrose
6 years ago
excellent thank you.
6 years ago
Brilliant.. Many thanks for this..
darko novevski
7 years ago
hello guys i am using logic pro9 and i like to control my blofeld with this controller but i cant , i put on insert and i don't get any sound of it :S maybe i am not doing right ? any help please !???
Jose Barrera Martinez
7 years ago
I,m enjoy this...and learning a lot with this...finally my blofeld has some potential for me!!!! Thanks...
Lorenzo Quadri
8 years ago
thank you !!so great
Mirei Sha
8 years ago
Brilliant! Thanks so much!
Victor Kerzl
8 years ago
This is so super great! Thx so much!
Jesse Juup
9 years ago
Wow! Big up for this. I posted this in the Blofeld usergroup on Facebook too. Hope you join in there!