A Mellotron simulation based on original Mellotron strings and choir samples

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arnd klotz
1.5 (Updated 8 years ago)
June 13, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Ever loved the sound of the emerging 70s? King Crimson, Rick Wakeman, Yes? Then this may be an instrument for you.

Based on original 1973 Mellotron M400S strings and choir samples, it is basically a two-channel crossfading sampler with LFO and an array of effects.

The two sample maps used for producing sound may also be replaced to fit other needs. (Will upload further Mellotron sample maps in the near future.)

Note: the original Mellotron had a key range of G2 through F5 - so playing keys above or below you are leaving the range of nice sound, as the tunes are now produced by simple transposition.

Note 2: in order to get around this ridiculously low upload size limit imposed by NI, I had to use 7zip compression - so don't be surprised that upon unzipping you'll get a mellotron.7z instead of an .ens. use the 7zip GPL program by to decompress your ensemble. the Mac guys may use something like (sorry, 7zip is a Windows application. but I'm sure you'll fix it;-)


bill nunez
2 years ago
Nice work...thanks!
Lars Bo Hermansen
4 years ago
This ensemble do it very well. Thanks.
Patrick Lindenberg
4 years ago
king crimson! :-) very nice!
Nicolas Jacques
5 years ago
great. With a bit of wow and flutter it would be... WOW !
Adam Borkowski
5 years ago
sounds perfect.thnx for sharing.
fred boyce
7 years ago
very odd and nice sounds
jean baptiste loussier
8 years ago
louspatte ( 2010-06-21) Thanks for your Great mellotron ensemble. Beautiful!
arnd klotz
8 years ago
Bernd, you've been industrious indeed! the T-O-T winds are especially nice...and the Darkness maps...(someone should loop them, they really deserve it;-)...
8 years ago
Arndt, I set some sample-maps on stock here. The last will be a Moog-tape.
8 years ago
Nice ones!
arnd klotz
8 years ago
@Kimmo: what filtering options do you have in mind? (and: maybe you want to upload your sample maps, too...?)
Kimmo Kivelä
8 years ago
Works fine and sounds mellotron. I got good results by creating own maps with another Reaktor ensembles (like Ampere supersaw). There could be other ways for filtering to select?
Stefan Knauthe
8 years ago
Nice and usefull, thanks for sharing...!