wave-morphing crossfade synth, for R5.5

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
July 17, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


"GrIST" is a re-work of my "XFade GrIST" ensemble, mostly behind-the-scenes stuff. I think its only features that are specific to R5.5 are the panel elements, but because it was edited and saved in 5.5 it won't work with 5.1.

"GrIST" is a wave-morphing crossfade synthesizer consisting of two independent sound Lines. For each Line a multi-breakpoint envelope can modulate (crossfade) the sound between Wave 1 and Wave 2. (You can select either the M'PD oscillator or the WaveDraw oscillator from a stacked macro).

The same multi-BP envelope can be used to modulate the pitch and filter cutoff as well.

Line 1's multi-BP can modulate (morph) Line 2's M'PD Wave(s), Line 2's multi-BP can modulate (morph) Line 1's M'PD Wave(s).

The "FX" knob controls how much of the signal is sent to the MultiFX instrument. The two switches above the knob allow you to select to which FX channels (left-to-left, right-to-right, both, none) the L-R audio signals will be sent. If neither switch is active the MultiFX is bypassed (even if the individual effects are on) and CPU load is reduced. Turning off the individual effects can also reduce the CPU load.

The WaveDraw macro is by Darrell Plank. The M'PD oscillator is from my M'PD ensemble.


John Bleech
11 years ago
Bernd, I see what your saying, and next time I upload a newer version of something I'll keep it in mind. Thanks
11 years ago
John, the first 6 letters from your upload are important. Write yours with a version number in front of the zip-file to make difference: 10GrIst .. 11 GrIst and so on ..
John Bleech
11 years ago
Allan, thanks for the kind words.
Allan Bell
11 years ago
Sounds great for usable, strange, evolving textures, well worth a download :)
John Bleech
11 years ago
I uploaded ONLY my new "GrIST" ensemble, but when I downloaded the file from the Reaktor library (just to check it) the download also contained my original "XFade GrIST" in 5.1 format. Somehow it got added to my upload, and the actual size of the downloaded file is 2172 KB, and NOT 1046.6 KB. Oh well. I think the latest version is the better one. They sound the same but the newest version is better under the hood. BTW the panel elements in XFade GrIST are by Jonathan Style.