nasty little beast

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1.3 (Updated 10 years ago)
July 18, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


Well,guess i started to build this back in the last days of Reaktor 3(at least the filters).With a lot of (long)breaks and changes Reaktor 5.5 now pushed me to finish it (so,beware:it`s 5.5 only).There are still some small"bugs"but i`m not sure yet if i would ever fix them.I`m working on a version with 4 Sequencer and i can`t wait to try the new 5.5 Modules ;)

86 Snaps in 3 Banks are also included.

Because of the fact that i started a long time ago i can`t remember if (or where) i"stole"something from other user here in the library.But i modified everything i used.However,in any case i would like to thank everybody for all this nice and often incredible crazy stuff !

Theres also a FX Version included.Just the 4 Filter+2 Modsequencer.

There are some restrictions (no FM with Bi-Saw or no L+R Shift for the Moog/Prophet Filter for example),check the"infotext"in any knob/button if you have a question.You can also use the included"advertisement" ;-) It`s from an older version but most of the features are the same.

Last but not least:compared to others here i`m really not an expert in building this stuff and i`m sure for some things,working in the backround,are much smarter solutions available :)



sean witherspoon
8 years ago
synth monster
9 years ago
Very dirty sound
Mark Bonnington
9 years ago
This is really excellent! Very useful for drum and bass tracks.
sky 1
10 years ago
Hi expert u are or not, the design is lovely. Didn't hear it yet) Thank you anyway
Frank Martiniq
10 years ago
Correction: Shifting the Cutoff Frequencies of Filter two IS possible with the moog/prophet filters.It`s just not displayed in the "Shift displays".