Luci x64 A/V MIDI

64 elements form a network of interactions that tends to syncronize, now with audio and MIDI

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5.3 (Updated 10 years ago)
August 27, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


64 elements form a network of interactions that tends to syncronize, now with audio and switchable MIDI notes.
Based on the ideas exposed by Jose M. Berenguer in his book "Luci, sin nombre y sin memoria." (2007)

Each of the 64 elements is an acummulator that triggers an impulse at rate frequency. The element receives too a combination of the triggers generated by the four surrounding elements (with a warp at extreme rows and columns), so the trigger "advances the phase" in an amount determined by influence level.
So the 64 elements form a network of interactions that tends to syncronize all the elements.

Pressing randomize button feeds all the 64 elements with random numbers, so they become out of sync.

How to use
Just power on, press randomize and let it go.

Influence level settings =1 (min) means that there is no interaction between cells, so it works as a kind of snapshot of white noise, with its period determined by BPM sync settings.

When influence level is greater than arround 1.3, pressing randomize may cause saturation because of the multiplication of events, triggered by randomizer and by influence of closer cells.

Negative influence factors can be used pushing the negative button. This modifies the way influence changes elements phase delaying it and probably causes negative values on trigge signals (that may cause unexpected effects when used thru MIDI/OSC)

Use panel B to assign to each row a MIDI octave, and to each cell a MIDI note in its row's octave.

Select sync to BPM or Hz.
BPM sync seems to work as expected, allowing to select base notes in range from 1 to 16th, and multiplicative times in range x1 to x16.
Sync to Hz uses dediated knob to control frequency.

Mutants is the implementation of the idea that three selectable elements (A1, E5, F3) present a mutation degree, that is, their natural frequency is different from the others.

In adittion to sending MIDI notes, OSC messages are sent too for each element with a proposed syntaxis that numbers elements from 0 to 63, uses this number as tag for the OSC message and sends a stream at control rate. The stream values are 0 except when a trigger ocurrs (1). This means that 0 values can not be taken as "note offs", but instead you must use 1 events as trigger with an adittional decay on your application to make it useful.

midi notes 1 macro contains a suggestion for a different OSC syntaxis connected to its first element derived gate. This syntaxis should use labels in the form luci/led and three parameters: two for the x/y position of the elemt in the matrix (numbered from 00-07, 10-17, ... 70,77), and a third parameter carying the trigger stream.

OSC and MIDI protocols implemented this way seem to be very cpu-intensive, so if you are not going to use it, simply desactivate it with MIDI on-off button.

We included in this ensemble a sinte instrument. This is a downgraded version of library's 2-osc synth, so replace it for whatever you prefer. An obvious way to reduce cpu power consumtion is using hardware synths or workstations to trigger the sounds. Once again, please remember that the note on and note of messages will come very close, so re-arrange your ADSRs or equivalent to allow very fast attaks, sustain=1 (or 100%) and generous release times.

Development credits
Based on the ideas exposed by Jose M. Berenguer in his book "Luci, sin nombre y sin memoria." (2007)
For more info about Jose M. Berenguer works, please visit:

BPM sync and mutants idea thanks to Kimmo Kivelä

OSC sends thanks to Santiago Vilanova

Special thanks to Eloi Maduell and Álex Posada

Development supported by Telenoika - Escolab 2010

Chris R. Gibson did some interesting music using this:


Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
12 years ago
John, thanks a lot for such interesting music !!
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
A collection of output dedicated to Ignasi ;-) Thanks again, plenty more to explore still...
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
12 years ago
You're welcome, John. Please find all the luci stuff together at:
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
Cool, everything I had hoped for (the MIDI addition). Will make a great addition to my 'Computer Avant Garde ' toolkit. Thanks for adding this and sorry for delay in commenting, only got Reaktor 5.5 up and running in last few days ;-)
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
It plays main beat on very high note. I opened Midi notes 2 and cut off first wire 1 to gate and got rid of it.
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
Thanks for the MIDI! I can't wait...but have to because I was unable to download 5.5 beta which is format you saved as BUT Komplete 7 is on it's way so should be able to open and try early next week ;-)