Trivial Oscillators (Core)

Nothing but a hundred of oscillators

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1.1 (Updated 10 years ago)
September 03, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


Here is a bunch of oscillators that I made in core. They all has no antialiasing in this upload, so they might be used as LFOs.

The oscillators features combinations of different things:

Amplitude Modulation
Frequency Modulation
Pitch Modulation
Phase Modulation
Soft- and Hardsynchronisation
Phase Distortion (such as Pulse Width Modulation, Symmetry, Zero Phase, Time Linearity Modulation)

Have fun. I'll upload the antialiased versions later.

PS: You can find all oscillators saved as Core-Cells and Core-Macros in the folder "Trivial Oscillators". Please dont take any care for any other folder in the zip-file. I dont know why they're in there. Somehow I have problems by uploading zip-files containing multiple directions. So please dont mind the zip-file's stucture. Enjoy the oscillators.


Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
What a kind person you are. Finding lots of use, and lots to learn, within these many modules you've built.
Benjamin Poddig
9 years ago
@ward: Could you please specify, where and when the zipping noise accures? My tests didnt reveal any behaviour like that. How do you use the oscillators? Which assigned parameter do you mean? For me it works as it should. But I never can test any possible case of using it. So it would be really helpful, if you specify the malfunction a bit more precise, answering some of the above questions.
gentleclockdivider .
9 years ago
Some oscillators produce zipper noise while tweaking some assigned parameters , I have noticed this before with some other core based macros Adding an event smoother between the parameter (knob) and the core macro input ,+ setting reaktor's control rate to maximum makes it less zippery bbut it still occurs .
Vadim Krasnopevtsev
10 years ago
Nice work ! Great that you are going to make AA-version as well.
Benjamin Poddig
10 years ago
Im really happy that you like my stuff. I've just planned some phaselocked multiwave-oscillators as an update for the trivial oscillators. As well as some further improvements that has to be made here. The antialiased versions just need some more research. Just need some more time for that. Your resonance keep me working on this stuff. ;) Greets
Jenkins Jenkins
10 years ago
WOW! Great upload! I have seriously been waiting for some of these oscillators for years! Cheers!