NRPN Tools

Macros and interfaces for handling NRPN Controller input and output

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
September 28, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a set of tools for handling NRPN controller input and output.
There are interfaces and modules for receiving and sending NRPN controller data.
I hope some day these things will be more comfortably integrated into the native Reaktor modules. Until then, I hope the interfaces and modules may be of some help to those who want (or need) to control certain hardware synthesizer or controller that support (or insist on) NRPN Midi data. I am one of them.

2010 by Kim Bostroem


Brian Holloway
5 years ago
Hi. I'm really interested in the NRPN send module here. I'm trying to control a Novation A-Station. I've figured out many of the MIDI messages from monitoring while I adjust knobs and turn switches. I'm stuck on programming oscillator select which shows up as 2 steams one is 98 26 and the other is 6 0 ( or 6 1/2) depending on which of the three oscillators. I'm not sure how to output that with this ensemble. Any help would be delicious! Cheers
Matt Hooper
8 years ago
is there any way this could be made to convert to CC?
Paul Sametz
9 years ago
Very close to what I need - can it take Breath input and convert it to Aftertouch data?
Jeanne Corbeil
10 years ago
Strange & nice, thanx