Realtime Polyphonic Pitch to MIDI Converter

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1.3 (Updated 8 years ago)
December 12, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
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just as the title says...

read the tooltips on the instrument for details on the controls.

feedbacks will be much appreciated :)


Jathan Gurr
5 years ago
Hi, I've experimented with Audio to Midi, but find that my playing style is too legato for the stepped Midi Protocol. Would you consider taking a crack at a Pitch to "Open Sound Control" converter. Now that Reaktor offers OSC support. It might be a smoother medium to use as control data with less latency.
year zero
6 years ago
testing it today! thanks for your work
Bertrand Antolin
8 years ago
thanks for commenting :) i have to admit, this is still far from usable in realtime probably, latency is high and it's still glitchy, it's all i can do right now..but i'm hoping it can get better over time as i learn more new stuff, and most importantly at least this shows that reaktor is capable of doing poly pitch detection ;)
James Cunningham
8 years ago
I'm just starting to play with it -- routing sound files into it -- and I'm quite amazed. I don't know yet how accurate it is, but after zeroing the audio-thru one is left with very listenable polyphonic pitch-to-MIDI. Next I want to test it with an instrument and see if the latency is bearable. Even if that is not useful, this has great potential for generating MIDI data.