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Prism for EWI

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1.6 (Updated 10 years ago)
December 18, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is Prism with the following modifications-

-exciter envelope replaced with variable curve/threshold cc controlled input of continuous impulse signal.
-continuous 'impulse' (NO mallet) from modified FM4 synth.
-FM4 envelopes replaced with breath curve/threshold.
-optional X fade between ops 1-2, 3-4. When x fade is on, the signal of curve 2 will turn down the signal of curve 1. as will 4 of 3 if also selected.
- Prism Macro LFO has been replaced with a breath curve/threshold for each macro slider. The two macro sliders can be Xfaded ie. the delayed signal from macro slider2 can turn down the macro1 slider.
-each macro amnt slider has it's own curve/threshold. Dynamic!
- portamento controllable with EWI glide strip. EWI style.
-Modulation envelope intact, but with Poly/mono/STmono added.
-modulation LFO amounts 1 and 2 both have curve/threshold modulating the amount of the LFO signal.
- The bank of macro sliders between Prism and FM4 will be replaced with Chet Singer's keyboard scaling. One for each of the MC1 and MC2 amount sliders. However I am considering leaving out keyboard range scaling because now I have quite a playable result...
-have a look at the mp3 of me trying out the modified condor patch.(my playing needs a few years) This can also sound quite good if morphed with a cleaner sound like orange glow. The legato quality seems to have been lost in the midi recording though, played live it's smoother.... but appreciate it for the tone colours (please).
- I haven't yet decided which panel elements don't need key range scaling!


Peter Shor
1 year ago
I'd love to see either a patch, or perhaps a video tutorial. I will attempt it from the pictures, but it is not easy. I guess NI does not allow sharing of modified paid instruments? NI, it would be great to have a special user area for these products that allow for sharing cool patches like this.
Colin Webber
6 years ago
does this actually exist?
John Hardin
8 years ago
If anyone knows of someone who is capable and willing to write it, have them contact me at goinsailin@hotmail dot com
John Hardin
8 years ago
THIS is EXACTLY the type of thing I have been looking for as an EWI player! Nobody has yet written a macro that will make an EWI (Akai 4000s)play sounds in DAWS or Kontakt instruments which makes the EWI respond like it should. The first guy to do it right gets MY money and my sincere thatnks!