Broken Tremolo II

Amplitude modulation with a healthy fusion of Chaos

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
January 20, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Originally, all I wanted was an old timey sounding Tremolo effect for my guitar noodling.

Being a Reaktor builder made this virtually impossible to not expand upon.

Conventional tremolo waveforms can be modulated by a random wave, in addition to a comprehensive envelope follower which can modulate almost every control on the effect. The signal is then routed to a dynamic limiter at the output.

This was a collab effort between, ewistrand, Deiter Zobel, Jonathan Style, and myself.

Herrn Fleischmann designed the limiter section.

Hope you guys enjoy it. This one was a lot of fun to work on with my buddies, and was also the last ensemble I completed before my three year hiatus from Reaktor.

Its good to be back!



Anton Bös
7 years ago
Looks amazing and very useful. Dry/wet-knob for the whole ensemble would be fine.
Biswadeep Ray
8 years ago
Looks Amazing....
Marcel Stark
9 years ago
really nice one. with the right view of small details. i like it.
Michael M
9 years ago
I remember playing with an earlier version of this - lots of fun just noodling around with it. Looking forward to firing this one up!
year zero
9 years ago
ahh., most excellent! thank and welcome back
Donovan Stringer
9 years ago
Dieter Zobel
9 years ago
welcome back
Luka Furlan
9 years ago
Looks very interesting...tnx