NeuronDrum is a sample based rhythm composer.

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
June 15, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


NeuronDrum is a sample based rhythm composer.
It has 512 audio samples 32MB. Most of the sounds are made for electronica music.
All rhythms is made of a neuron based approach with 8 neurons.
Neuron 1 has 64 metronome kind of sounds.
Neuron 2 has 64 bass drum sounds.
Neuron 3 has 64 snare drum sounds.
Neuron 4 has 64 kind of short blips sounds.
Neuron 5 has 64 short glitch sounds.
Neuron 6 has 64 low pitched tom like sounds.
Neuron 7 has 64 long effect like sounds.
Neuron 8 has 64 different closed hihat sounds.
The first neuron works as a kind off metronome. All neuron can send impulses to each other.
Every neuron has a threshold value.
If the threshold is 3 then it will need 4 impuses to fire the sample,
and send impulses to other neurons.

NeuronDrum will recieve midi note on at all 8 neuron, but thats only if it's used as soundmodule.
NeuronDrum will send midi notes from its rhythmgenerator.
It will syncronize to midisongposition, but will only be accurate from start of the song.
caused by the nature of this way of generating rhythm patterns.
NeuronDrum has 5 effect unit. Tempodelay, reverb, compressor, exciter and a modwheel controlled lowpass filter.

big inspiration from:

Audio Damage

stuff copied:

by Vitaly Zolotarev

exciter the Fixer v1.1
by Flemming Bloch

martin brinkmann

and others....

haiku specifications..........

512 audio samples
8 neurons
99 patterns
random sample select buttom
random pitch select buttom
clear buttom will clear all neuron counters
modwheel lowpass filter
global pitchbend
tempo delay

haiku midi....................

neuron by noteon
sync to sequencer midisongposition pointer, only accurate from start
sends midi note on for all 8 neurons

haiku manual..................

force all neuron pads changes samples for all 8 neurons
find your flavour of soundset with force all neuron pads
or select sound for each neuron then edit each sound
random pads (red buttom) change all neuron pads random
but non randompad buttom can lock the sample for each neuron pad
random pitch (blue buttom) change all pitch random +- 1 octave
but non randompitch buttom can lock the pitch of each pad.
the redblue buttome changes both at the same time.

use the send buttoms for each neuron to send to other neurons.
set the threshold values according to how often you want that neuron to excite.

remember to save snapshot
snapshot is totalrecall of sounds and rhythm


june 2011
poul vestergaard


Dmitry Olenev
8 years ago
Great work!
Paul Weber
8 years ago
Holy sh*t... I must have been in a coma when this piece of magic was released! 5 stars aren't enough to say how much I dig it!
8 years ago
9 years ago
Very clever! Thanks.
Joseph Lindsey
9 years ago
So Awesome!
baronnet gildas
10 years ago
magnifique ,merci
Peter Dines
10 years ago
Brilliant drum machine. Love it.
Tyler Nitsch
10 years ago
dood it's just a text file
Chris R Gibson
11 years ago
Some tracks featuring NeuronDrum here: Thanks again!
martin stragg
11 years ago
I love this,but still cant figure it out!thankyou 10/10!
Andre Goc
11 years ago
Great ensemble !!! and of course 10 is not enough for this.Thank you!
11 years ago
Just thinking about how this works makes my head spin. What a brilliant piece of work! Easily one of the best ideas in the UL.
Chris R Gibson
11 years ago
Very cool, imaginative, and innovative, 10 more points :D
Dieter Zobel
11 years ago
Karel Skakal
11 years ago
Pure genius, beautiful an great sounding... 10+++++++++++
11 years ago
10 points for Paul
11 years ago
i overlooked the little explanation about treshold usage ;)
11 years ago
big thx! very nice toy. do you have a little how to for it?