Virus M

Access Virus A emulation

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2.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
June 17, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower


Another trial to emulate my Access Virus A, but with a lot of simplifications:

- no spectral waveforms (only triangle wave)
- no ring modulator
- only three saturation types
- standard adsr envelopes
- different filter balance behavior
- reduced LFO controls
- no chorus effect (use the delay for that)
- only 8 voices polyphony
- etc...

The synth has 6 quick access menus for LFO 1 & 2 destiation, filter env modulation, global, additional filter and delay effect controls.
Almost all controls recieve midi control change messages, the midi mapping is the same as on the original.
The modulation matrix is on panel B.
It`s quite CPU hungry and the sound is still far away from the original, but it's a good sounding flexible synth and I'm sure I'll use it a lot.

Comes with 41 snaps

Rev 1.1: Changed some snapshots.

Rev 1.2: Deleted some unused macros.

1st update:
- Wavetable mode for both oscillators
- Added a comb filter
- Two Edit-menues: Edit I for additional oscillator settings, Edit II for additional filter settings


Henrik Laugesen
2 months ago
Anyone by any chance have the wavetables?!
2 years ago
Missing wavetables :-/
Christopher Soulos
2 years ago
Crashes on R5 and R6.
julian farina
3 years ago
same here, wave file missing, where r those supposed to be??
Gustavo Elizondo
3 years ago
Wavetables missing.
3 years ago
Missing wavetables!!!! ahhhhhhh
Kai Handberg
3 years ago
Yeah, its asking for .wavs not found in either of my reaktor installation or inside the package itself.
adriaan baussens
3 years ago
i get missing wavetables error on mac
ksound kvision
4 years ago
Julian Cafarella
6 years ago
Here is a new piece made using Virus M amongst other userlibrary synths and also NI Subharmonic 2 and VST Massive:
Frank Crofts
6 years ago
Bryan Lake
6 years ago
Sounds lovely. I think I'm in heaven :)
Michael Raco-Rands
6 years ago
Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Another solid one from Stephan. Thanks.
van ko
8 years ago
at semitone some jumping over 7-9 aside + at least by sight...
van ko
8 years ago
most you synth have small skin but hes good...
David Maslin
8 years ago
Thank you for being AWESOME!! :D
9 years ago
very usable and fat sounds...I likes it
fred clotch
9 years ago
Hammer, wenn Du jetzt noch ein ne Bank für Trance machen könntest...
Daniel Tuladhar
9 years ago
Feel in love with 006 keep up the great work! Daniel Tuladhar
martin stragg
9 years ago
good sounds! thankyou
Gennaro Giugliano
9 years ago
Hi Stephan,thanks for your synth,very nice :)
Andre Goc
9 years ago
Hi Stephan ! very nice and "sehr zu gebrauchen" Thank you !
francois elie
9 years ago
exellent ensemble as usual stephan !!! thks a lot for sharing !
Stephan Becker
9 years ago
@Richard: I'm already working on an update. Comb filtering is a good idea.
Stephan Becker
9 years ago
@Ben: I can't reproduce that failure. At which filter routing does it happen?
Richard Figone
9 years ago
i really really love this. let's talk about some comb filtering!
Stephan Becker
9 years ago
@Ben: I'll have a look at that as soon as possible.
Ben Allen
9 years ago
very nice, you may want to check the saturation though, it doesn't sound like it does much and when i turn it to 'sine' it cuts off all signal
John Durbin
9 years ago
Stephan V never fails to disappoint.
9 years ago
Thank you Stephan
9 years ago
Klassisch guter Synth, wie alles von Dir sehr gute Brot und Butter Sounds. danke sehr! 9% CPU ist sehr gut.
Sven Kretzschmar
9 years ago
Hi Stephan. Probier ich heut Abend,wenn die Nacht kommt,gleich aus. Inspiration...Dank auch Deinen anderen " Meisterwerken ".