Partials Framework

Toolset for advanced serialization and iteration

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
July 11, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower


Hey everybody,

I'm excited to announce the release of a long and carefully developed project from one of our most talented Reaktor builders, Max Zagler. I would like to share a new set of tools with all of you that was designed to allow the management of complex arrays of data, like the data you need to control the new Modal Bank and Sine Bank modules.

We call this tool set the "Partials Framework", but besides Additive and Modal Synthesis it can be used for many more applications to handle a large number of similar objects, e.g.: arrays of display or control elements, FFT, complex filters, multi-segment waveforms or shapes, multi-breakpoint envelopes.

The main purpose of the framework is the serialization and serial processing of data. It supports multiplexing, a way for a single wire in Reaktor to carry the event signals for many sources and destinations. This largely simplifies the building of complex structures.

The framework also opens a simple way to program loops (iterations) in Reaktor Core. Serialization and iterations are the basis for efficient streaming of large numbers of events in Reaktor. In addition you will find macros for correct initialization, thread-safeness and tools for debugging.

This framework is not for beginners. However everything is well documented by Max with fun and colorful illustrations. Please don't be afraid to put in the effort to learn this tool set.


Marcel Stark
3 years ago
No other words: Just 1001 BIG THX!
Christoph Mann
6 years ago
Great framework, this is how Reaktor development should be all the way.
Bobby Ripp
6 years ago
thanks for all your hard work
Benjamin Poddig
7 years ago
cool. in past I had some real pain, implemening a bubble-sort for arrays. with this framework, it's just easy like writing C-code. the documentation is great, as far as I read it. I just went through the iteration-macros until now and core does feel like a different programming language. A million thanks for that upload.
Frank Piesik
8 years ago
wow, this is great! Must have been a tremendous amount of work - thank you very much!
Jenkins Jenkins
8 years ago
Oh man. You did it! This is huge.
Benjamin Suthers
8 years ago
oh yes. yes yes yes. thank you.
8 years ago
Thanks! it's one of the most important uploads of the last years! herw
Brian Smith
8 years ago
Wow! This is excellent!!! Thanks so much for this, Stephan — a great addition for the Reaktor community
Stephan Schmitt
8 years ago
We have fixed the problem with the missing macros. Please download the zip file again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
8 years ago
Can an advanced Reaktor programmer be named Max? Sorry for my nerdy humor ;-)
8 years ago
Yes, I found the macros in a form of images inside the PDF. Is there a convert prg to extract these marcros from the docs?
Pedro Eustache
8 years ago
Hi there... somehow, I also got ONLY the documentation [PDFs]... where are the macros? Am I doing something wrong? So looking forward getting them.... Thanks!!
Nicolas Kretz
8 years ago
sorry for double posting but i see this has been discussed on the forum. i'm looking forward for the macros, actually i was thinking abour this topic a lot but found no practical solution - neuron here we come! ....well, maybe not me...;-)
Nicolas Kretz
8 years ago
am i doing smth. wrong or am i missing something? i don't find no macros but only documentation in the unzipped file...
8 years ago
Thanks so much for filling the gap in the documentation of the new modal banks. This will be well-received by Reaktor builders.