Invert The Universe

Evolve / Glitch / Beautify incoming audio.

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Kris Keogh
1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
September 18, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Real-time FX processor for beautifying incoming audio.
Effect, buffer, layer and glitch source audio into lush, evolving soundscapes.

Works best (for me anyway...) on less rhythmic/ more melodic sources.

For a demo, check this out, its harp and vocals processed using this ensemble.

Made from bits of syncskippa, banaan electrique, fusion reflections, flatblaster, carbon, 6pak, drox and more by Kris Keogh in sunny Arnhem Land, Australia. 2007-2011.

Yes, that's a donut at the bottom.

Known bugs:
* You must turn the Sample Rate dials before audio will pass through them...
*Spits out MIDI uncontrollably!


Kris Keogh
6 years ago
to get sound to go through it: turn on at least one of the incoming source buttons in the top left corner an turn up its volume slider. sroll over each botton/dial with the "i" info turned on and you should get enough info to get it working. good luck!
Johan Brodd
7 years ago
So I've downloaded the ensemble to test it out. Loading it into Reaktor FX, no sounds pass through it. You might want to consider provide at least a readme or a youtube video how this ensemble works.
raymond alvarez
7 years ago
wow luv the sound cloud cant wait to get busy with invert the universe
Ken Pierce III
8 years ago
I love incoming audio manglers THANKS!!!
Jason Acuna
9 years ago
AWESOME!! 10/10!!
Kris Keogh
9 years ago
thanks. have fun with it!
Jim Pennington
9 years ago
wow, beautiful sample at soundcloud! Excited to explore this.