GoBox Mega!

GoBox w/64 steps and new sequence functions

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Kris Keogh
1.6 (Updated 9 years ago)
October 04, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


An update of the classic GoBox.

Sequencer increased from 16 to 64 steps.

3 Beat modules can also be sequenced using event tables.

happy beatmaking!

oct 2011


*v1.6 is the last update for a while, i'm happy with it now! Added solo buttons, plus stereo outs and 128 sample gobox map to the beat modules

***v1.5 fixes timing glitch when switching modes in beat modules. removed scene settings, recommend save settings as snapshots instead (so you can morph them).

***v1.4 adds a third beat sync player, reverb send for gobox and an alternate sequencing mode.***


paul elston
7 years ago
GoBox is NUTS! I love it.
Rustam Gurbanov
9 years ago
Kris Keogh
9 years ago
thanks. have fun!
Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Great work, thank you, 10+
Mikko Renko
9 years ago
Nevermind. I've got it! :)
Mikko Renko
9 years ago
Cannot download v1.3. Download breaks somewhere 20 Mb.